Geology 105 - Paleontology
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Outline due 2/25

For this installment of the paper, you will turn in an annotated list of at least 10 references and an outline of the paper.

Annotated Reference List:

This means a list of a minimum of 10 references, each listed in proper bibliographic format, each with a one-to-two sentence description of the most important points in the paper. This means you must have read and understood all your references. Printouts from GeoRef and other bibliographic databases are not acceptable for this part of the assignment. This list should be pretty complete, though you can add references you locate later.

You may use two kinds of resources for your paper:

There are a variety of other resources you may use for background on your topic, or to introduce yourself to the topics, but these MAY NOT BE CITED in your paper as sources. Instead, look up the original research articles. Uncitable sources include:

Internet resources are acceptable under the provisions above. So a USGS open-file report from the Web is acceptable; discussions from are not. If in doubt, see me.



Write your outline in complete sentences.
It should essentially be a slim version of your paper, just organized as an outline. The more detailed you make the outline, the simpler it will be to convert it to a final draft.

The outline MUST be structured like this: