Geology 105 - Paleontology
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Registering with Turnitin

TurnItIn: You will open an account at the TurnItIn website.  You will submit both the first draft and graded draft of your paper at TurnItIn before submitting a paper copy in class.  Here is a statement of the University’s policy on TurnItIn:


Consistent with Sacramento State’s efforts to enhance student learning, foster honesty, and maintain integrity in our academic processes, instructors may use a tool called Turnitin to compare a student’s work with multiple sources. The tool compares each student’s work with an extensive database of prior publications and papers, providing links to possible matches and a ‘similarity score’. The tool does not determine whether plagiarism has occurred or not. Instead, the instructor must make a complete assessment and judge the originality of the student’s work. All submissions to this course may be checked using this tool.


You may choose to submit papers to TurnItIn assignments without identifying information included in the paper (e.g. name or student number). The system will automatically show this info to faculty in your course when viewing the submission.  For this course, no assignments will be permanently retained by TurnItIn.

To Register with Turnitin

        To Submit your First Draft