STANFORDSOFT LLC                        1999 to Present

Sacramento, CA and Palo Alto, CA


StanfordSoft is an IT contract consulting firm that performs IT consulting, training and development.  Primary software development and consulting in the areas of  Java, C#, .NET, internet software technologies and ERP system development focusing on e-commerce applications and PeopleSoft implementations.  

Recent Contract and Client work:

Klee Associates, Inc  - Cedaredge, CO  MANAGING EDITOR, PStips for PeopleSoft Manage the authoring and publication of the PStips Newsletter for PeopleSoft Software.   This bimonthly 50 page Journal publishes tips on the use, maintenance and implementation of PeopleSoft Software.

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers - Sacramento, CA. MICROSOFT .NET Trainer Project Visual Basic .NET Trainer (Microsoft Course 2373: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET)

University of Missouri - Rolla  - Rolla, MO:    WEBSLIDES.TV WEBCASTING SERVICES Provide webcasting services to the Ceramics Engineering Department at the University of Missouri - Rolla to conduct courses and seminars in Ceramic Engineering to corporate clients and universities in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Venezuela.

Microsoft  - Redmond, WA:  C# and .NET CERTIFIED PARTNER (IN PROCESS) .NET Certification and in Process. C#, ASP.net, ADO.net, XML web services and SQL2000 training at Microsoft Campus completed Summer 2002.

California State University - Sacramento  - Sacramento, CA: ADJUNCT FACULTY MEMBER  COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - MIS DEPARTMENT and SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING - COMPUTER SCIENCE DEPARTMENT  .   Taught 3 sections in two classes in the Fall 2001 semester: MIS122: Object Oriented Programming for Business with Java and C#.  CSC133: Object Oriented Computer Graphics Programming using Java.  Over 200 degree candidate undergraduate and graduate students were taught in these classes.  Setup up the course curriculum materials.  Presented lectures. Set up web-based training web sites for these classes and focused on using web-based training techniques to aid in conducting and administering the classes. Created assignments and examinations.

California State University - Sacramento  - Sacramento, CA: CONSULTANT – UNIVERSITY COMPUTING & COMMUNICATION SERVICES  Developed tests and conducted measurements of network traffic and loading of the university network at the packet level associated with webcasting of classroom lectures.  Measured both TCP/IP and UDP data traffic and modelled forecasted load conditions. Made recommendations to the University Vice President for Telecommunications.

California State University - Sacramento   - Sacramento, CA: PUBLICATION - "THE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM PROJECT"  Presented the results of the above-mentioned research and development at the International Conference on Distance Education, May 28, 2002, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Jones University International   – Denver, CO:   FACULTY MEMBER and WEB-BASED CURRICULUM DEVELOPER MBA PROGRAM   1) Taught E-Commerce course to MBA students.  2) Developed web-based curriculum courseware for four E-Commerce Marketing courses.

Consilient  - Berkeley, CA:   ENGINEERING TRAINING AND PARTNER CERTIFICATION PROJECT  Client was a 120 person software dot com startup focusing on peer-to peer virtual process software.  Created from scratch a networked stand-alone training facility, 400 page training curriculum, business plan, class exercises, examinations and presentation materials in 6 months.  Systems used the following technologies: Java (JBuilder and jsdk1.3), javascript, XHTML, XML/DOM and JSP, XSLT, XPATH, JMS.  Training facility was built using the following software: Win2K and WinNT4.0 SP6, with the jdk1.3, jsdk2, Apache/Tomcat, MS Exchange Server, JBuilder, Cygwin, MS SQL server 7 and JDBC drivers, XML spy, Xerces, Xalan, VMware, Ghost, and Perforce.  5 development environments, 5 user environments, 1 production environment and 1 email/LDAP server in a networked environment.   6 classes were taught to both partners and internal people while the product was still being built.   Product 1.0 just released runs on Solaris 2.6, Solaris 8, Linux RedHat 7, WinNT 4.0 Server Edition and Win 2K on  the large Peer side and runs as a VM within Outlook2000 on Win2K on the personal peer side.

Solect Technologies - Toronto, Ontario, Canada ORACLE COURSEWARE PROJECT Developed for the client an "Internet Applications Billing Framework for the Oracle Database" manual for use and sale with the company's internet commerce e-billing software. Solect is a 250 person software company that was recently bought by Amdocs, Inc of St Louis, MO.  Taught the Internet Billing Software course to clients and customers.  This was a 9 month engagement.   This company's internet product is based on and uses Oracle 9i, Netscape Server, Java, CGI, HTML, PL/SQL and runs on SUN Solaris 8, a variant of the product runs on an Apache Server under Linux.

Kforce Emerging Technologies - Tampa, Florida  PEOPLESOFT CONSULTING METHODOLOGY PROJECT  Developed and rolled out for the client the software engineering development methodologies and tools for the e-Commerce implementation of PeopleSoft.



PEOPLESOFT          1996 to 1999

Pleasanton, CA


Responsible for the architecture and development of Tools for PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management Products including the development of Integration Products to third party software from relational database and middleware vendors.  Led development in three areas: Client, Server and Data Integration tools.  Created development and group management plans.   Team developed and shipped tools and integration software for PeopleSoft 7.0 Supply Chain product. Team developed additional integration software templates for the Professional Services Group and to support customer go-live requirements.


First developer of the PeopleSoft Implementation Toolkit (ITK) development team.  The PeopleSoft ITK is a structured, web-based ToolKit that provides PeopleSoft implementation “how-to” knowledge to PeopleSoft development partners and customers.  Responsible for creating the PeopleSoft ITK Guidance and Engineering Methodology.  Materials developed included the Engineering Methodology and Guidance material, and the supporting Samples and Templates that worked within the web-based framework.  Responsible for creating the conceptual framework for "ITK Routes" and the associated route-specific project management workplans.   Created all of the 40 route-specific MS Project workplans shipped with the ITK.  Responsible for the creation of PeopleSoft application-specific guidance within the ITK.  PeopleSoft product knowledge:  PeopleTools, SQL/SQR, PS Manufacturing, PS Distribution.  Working knowledge of PS Financials and PS HRMS.

XEROX    1993 to 1996                                       

Desktop Document Systems Division,  Palo Alto, CA  The Xerox division responsible for all Desktop Multifunction Peripherals (Copy, Scan, FAX, Print, email) Division sales were $380M at the time.


Responsible for Real Time Embedded and PC Host Multifunction Software Development, Integration and Test for 4 product lines.  Management responsibility for 3 direct report technical leads with an organization of up to 33 development and test engineers and an annualized budget of $5M.  Reported directly to the Vice President of Engineering.  Responsible for managing engineering teams at 3 sites: Redmond, WA (at Microsoft),  Dallas, TX and Palo Alto, CAResponsible for the management of a joint software development effort with Microsoft which included Microsoft engineers.  Part of the engineering team that shipped the Xerox WorkCentre 250 multifunction machine (PC Magazine 1995 Multifunction Product of the year); Xerox 3000 series Multifunction Product, Xerox WorkCentre Pro 610 and Xerox FaxCentre Pro 735.

MICROSOFT  1992 to 1993

Redmond WA

PROGRAM MANAGER, OLE 2.0 and COM Software Development Kit

Responsible for the development, test, documentation and release of Microsoft’s Object Linking and Embedding version 2.0 and the Component Object Model Software Development Kit, a part of Microsoft Windows.   In addition to the product development responsibilities there were significant internal coordination responsibilities with the Microsoft engineering teams for EXCEL, Word, Powerpoint, and Visual Basic and external coordination responsibilities with external Independent Software Vendors.  This software is currently installed and in use on over 500 million PCs worldwide.

LORAL CORPORATION   1990 to 1992 (Now a part of Lockheed Corporation)           

Sunnyvale, CA

A $ 2.5 Billion satellite vehicle and space systems manufacturer.

PROGRAM MANAGER, Technology Programs.

Architected, managed and led the hardware and software development teams to create a Real-time Aerospace SimuLator (RASL) used to simulate satellite vehicles to support satellite vehicle launch and flight operations.  System runs on SUN workstations in conjunction with commercial-off-the-shelf and custom hardware.

INTELLICORP   1985 to 1990                                         

Palo Alto, CA

The world's largest Artficial Intelligence/Expert System software vendor. 200 employees.


During the protracted absence of the Director, met every budget, sales and organizational objective.

SENIOR PROGRAM MANAGER/DEPUTY DIRECTOR.   Responsible for Sales and Marketing for the Applications Division, Aerospace and Federal Systems Business Unit.  Co-supervised 5 program managers, 8 software engineers.  Activities include market analysis, sales management, proposal generation, presentations to prospects.

SENIOR PROGRAM MANAGER.    P&L responsibility for a proprietary Computer Integrated Manufacturing development program.  Supervised 4 project leaders and 8 software engineers. Played a major role in doubling the sales in the applications division in 2 years.  Was #1 Program Manager in new sales for 2 years.

PROGRAM MANAGER.   Recruited to manage the program to develop an expert system package for use in the electric power industry.  Supervised 5 software engineers.  Developed a package that was specifically designed for the industry and that also had application to the chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and other process industries (PLEXSYS).  Product commercialized.

SRI INTERNATIONAL      1983 to 1985    (formerly Stanford Research Institute)  2500 employees

Menlo Park, CA


Responsible for working with clients to identify and assess the fit of new technologies into client organizations. Performed market sizing, competitive analysis, and created business plans for new venture opportunities.  Worked extensively with Fortune 500 companies to develop technology strategies and technology partnering relationships.

DRAPER LABORATORY  1980 to 1983  (formerly MIT Instrumentation Lab)  4000 employees

Cambridge, MA


Responsible for the development of fault tolerant systems and machine intelligence systems focusing on applications to the nuclear power industry in response to the need for such systems as witnessed by the Three-Mile-Island nuclear power plant disaster.  Developed algorithms, automated diagnostic systems and system simulations for use in embedded real time applications.



CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY - SACRAMENTO - ADJUNCT FACULTY MEMBER - COLLEGE OF BUSINESS, MIS Department - 2001 To Present Classes taught include Java, C# , Visual Basic and Database, Web Client and Server Programming to upper division and graduate students.  Recipient of the 2001 Pedagogical Award from the Center for Teaching and Learning based on my webslides.tv software development using Microsoft .NET technologies.

MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY - SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING, Nuclear Engineering Department - Cambridge, Massachusetts

Classes taught include Medical Imaging, Applications of Radiation, Computerized Axial Tomography and The MIT Doctoral Engineering Seminar Series.  Recipient of the MIT Whitaker Fellowship.

JONES INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY - "The University of the Web" - INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and MBA Programs - Denver, Colorado, Classes taught include Managing the Ditigal Enterprise and eCommerce Systems Design and Development.

ITT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE - Bachelor's Program in Computer Engineering - Tracy, California

Classes taught include C Programming on Linux, Network Management, Networked Systems Design, Distributed Systems Design.




MBA Sloan School of Management MIT   1983

Cambridge, MA


Thesis:Marketing Research and Development Services: Critical Success Factors
Thesis Advisor: Edward Roberts: Director of the MIT Entreprenuership Center

Returned to Business School to obtain an MBA with concentrations in Technology Management and Corporate Strategy. Draper Fellow. (Accelerated 1 year MBA program)

Ph.D. Engineering/Applied Physics MIT   1980

Cambridge, MA


Thesis:Computer Algorithms and Electronic Enhancements for Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) Scanners
Thesis Advisor: Gordon Brownell: Co-inventor Positron Emission Tomography (PET scanning) (History of PET scanning)

Development work involved software-intensive algorithm development and computer simulations in the field of Computerized Axial Tomography and Medical Imaging. MIT Whitaker Fellow.

BS Engineering Physics Univ of Wisconsin, Madison  1975

Madison, WI

Elected to Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi. Graduated Summa Cum Laude. Grade point 3.97/4.0

Nondegree Study :

UCBerkeley -Extension Berkeley, CA

Java Programming

PeopleSoft Pleasanton, CA

Various PeopleSoft Classes

Oracle Redwood Shores, CA

DBA certification class

UCSantaCruz -Extension UC SantaCruz

C++ Programming



Computer Languages: Java, C#, HTML, XML, XSLT, C, C++, LISP, FORTRAN, BASIC, Javascript, PERL, ASP.NET, ASP, ADO.NET 

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, MS-DOS, VAX/VMS, IBM OS 390, Linux

Machines: IBM-PC, SUN, VAX, Macintosh, IBM mainframe, Linux

Major Software Packages: PeopleSoft Manufacturing and Distribution. Working knowledge of PeopleSoft Financials and HRMS. ORACLE, DB2, Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Basic, OLE 2.0 and others.

Lists of professional associations, awards and references are available upon request.

Languages: Spanish (Fluent), German (Reading)

Hobbies: Travel, shortwave radio, running, hiking, mountain biking