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Martell's PRIME SITES: History
This annotated list contains selected History websites organized around a set of four themes: countries, events, individuals, and periods. No attempt has been made to be exhaustive. Typically very few sites are listed in comparison to the number of sites actually available. The quality of the site and the availability of images and substantive text are primary considerations.

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World History

Pre-History to the Present

Ancient World

Medieval World

Modern World

To 476 A.D.

476 - 1600 A.D.

1600 - Present


Tombs and Mummies King Tutankhamun Ancient Egypt Persian Wars
Ancient Olympics Confucius China (Sung & Qing Dynasty) Age of Exploration (1400-1520)
Vikings (793-1066) Alexander the Great Turkey - Ottomans (1300-1924) Renaissance
Crusades (1099-1250) Cleopatra VII England (19th century) Age of Enlightenment
Mongol Invasions (1200-1500) Constantine I South Africa (20th century) Industrial Revolution (From 1764)
Magna Carta (1215) Charlemagne   New Imperialism (1870-1914)
Castles King Arthur    
Fall of Constantinope (1453) Elizabeth I    
Inquistion Napoleon Bonaparte    
Revolutions of 1848 Robert Peel    
Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) Florence Nightingale    
WWII - Battle of Stalingrad Rosa Luxemburg    
Role of Women Nelson Mandela    

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