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Around the World in the 1890s - Photographs

Baseball -- Jackie Robinson

Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience

British History 1700 - 1950


French Life in the 16th Century

Greek World of Mary Renault

Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity

National Library of the Netherlands


Extreme Earth: Photo Gallery

I. Around the World in the 1890s

Photographs from the World Transportation
Commission, 1894-1896. Hundreds of images by William Henry Jackson as part of the American Memory Historical Collections of the National Digital Library. Search by country, subject, or keyword.
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II. Baseball -- Jackie Robinson

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By Popular Demand: Jackie Robinson
and Other Baseball Highlights, 1860s - 1960s. Another wonderful exhibit from the Library of Congress in the American Memory Historical Collections for the National Digital Library. Browse old baseball cards from the 1887 - 1914 era.

III. Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience

This Rare Book Room site has 48 plates of William Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience (1794) and 162 plates of Redoute's Choix de Plus Belles Fleurs (1827), a collection of wonderful flowers. There are also plates of original works by Shakespeare, Copernicus, Benjamin Franklin, and others.
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IV. British History 1700 - 1950

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A wonderful site on British History 1700 - 1950 from The Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia. It includes the biographies of major figures and information about many other topics such as the Emancipation of Women, the Textile Industry, and Child Labour 1750-1900.


An Atlas of Cyberspace.

"This is an atlas of maps and graphic representations of the geographies of the new electronic territories of the Internet, the World-Wide Web, and other emerging Cyberspaces." M. Dodge stopped updating this site in 2007 but his blog at http://cyberbadger.blogspot. contains his archives and fine references, including "NSF and the Birth of the Internet" at http://www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/nsf-net/home..
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VI. French Life in the 16th Century

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A guide to the history, culture, and daily life of 16th century France. Designed to be a resource for "historical recreation." There are sections on Tavern Life, Society and Culture, Entertainment, and Aspects of Everyday Life.

VII. Greek World of Mary Renault

Wonderful ! The literature of Mary Renault brought to life on the Internet. View the vases and paintings of Ancient Greece. Follow the lives of Alexander the Great and Helen of Troy. Trace scores of other historical figures through the Perseus Encyclopedia. This encyclopedia is a marvelous reference tool for scholars. It links people to the exact text in which their name appears in Greek literature. Unfortunately many of the links at this site, which was created in 1996, are no longer active.
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VIII. Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity

View recipe books, amulets and gems, and other selected materials from the University of Michigan's magic exhibition. The materials may "prove useful in any discussion of magic and its practitioners in the Mediterranean basin and the Near East from the 1st to the 7th centuries A.D."
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IX. National Library of the Netherlands

Search the index to view a hundred highlights from the National Library of the Netherlands. The highlights contain images of the covers and contents of books from the earliest printed works up to the present day.

X. Surfing
Surf art, surf photos, surf stories, and surf links. A way to get away from the daily grind with some exciting images of water for those who enjoy the pastime of surfing.
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XI. Extreme Earth: Photo Gallery

Photo: Penguins on a blue iceberg
Maria Stenzel is a National Geographic photographer. This site includes three of her wonderful photo galleries: Extreme Earth, Icy Underworld, and Patagonia