McCormick's Grading Abbreviations

All number references such as:  6A, 8C, etc. are references to sections headings in the Philosophy Department Writing Guidelines.  They are on the web at:

Other abbreviations:

APV avoid passive voice, 5B
AWK  awkward
BR  book report (don't give one)
Chase Scenes needs more chase scenes
DNF does not follow
exp. explain or expand
Frag  Sentence fragment, 5A
huh? huh?
paragraphs (use them)
pg.  page?
PR   proofread
NFQs No floating quotes, 8B
NHQs  No hanging questions,  13h
Rel relevance?
Red  redundant
sep. + exp separate and explain
trans transition
unc. unclear
vac. vacuous, 5C
WC   word choice
WDYM? What do you mean?
WW Don't write about writing:  "I will now move onto a second point."  Better: "The second point is that . . . "
WV     weak verb
  ~B, ~K, ~A   the ~ means "not" and the letter stands for an author's name, such as Kant.