Assignment 1



Assignment 1

Assignment 2 & 3





Read a science journal article from the primary literature related to the biodiversity crisis or global climate change. You may choose a topic not related to biodiversity or climate change, but you have to check it out with me first. See the final paper instructions for a description of what constitutes a primary source.

Your paper should be 400-500 words in length (about a page and a half single spaced -12pt font) and in the following format:

1. Your name in upper right corner 

2. Article title 

3. Full article citation - see citation format information in the final paper instructions. 

4. Database searched to find the article. 

5. What is the hypothesis tested (or question investigated) by the article? 

6. Summary of the article. This should be the bulk of your paper. Explain what did the author(s) do to test/investigate their question? What were their results? What did they conclude about their work? 

7. Importance of the research. In a few sentences explain why you think the research was performed or how it fits into a bigger context (or not)? 

8. Evaluation. In a few sentences evaluate how well you think their research answered their main question (or tested their hypothesis). 

9. Most interesting aspect of the paper. What about the paper did you personally find the most interesting?

Please number each section of your paper with the sections listed above (Numbers 3-9). And finally, attach the abstract of the article you reviewed to the back of your paper.

Due dates: The paper is due February 20th at the start of class. Late papers are down-graded half a letter grade for each day the paper is late.  After 3 days, the paper will not be accepted.  I do not accept papers by e-mail.


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January 25, 200