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     Peter B. Moyle has been studying the ecology and conservation of freshwater and estuarine fishes in California for over 30 years. He has documented the declining status of many native species in California as well as the invasions of alien species. The interactions among native and alien species in environments with varying degrees of disturbance have provided the basis for his ecological studies. Dr. Moyle served as member of the Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project science team (1994-1996), developing strategies for the conservation of fish, amphibians, and watersheds in the mountain range that forms the state's backbone (and main source of water). He was also a member of the Independent Science Board for the CALFED Ecosystem Restoration Program. He is author/coauthor of over 150 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 5 books, and many other publications. For those of you who fish, keep an aquarium or just admire fish for what they are, he shamelessly recommends his Fish: an enthusiast's guide, a cheap paperback published by University of California Press. The completely revised and updated version of his book Inland Fishes of California was recently published by the Press as well (2002). He is a professor of fish biology in the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology, University of California, Davis, where he teaches basic courses in ichthyology, wildlife conservation and watershed ecology.

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