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What Students Say about My Courses

"I have enjoyed Dr. Monkís class immensely this semester. His lectures are thought provoking and insightful. He encourages discussion and is not afraid to provide the class with alternative views. He is a very excellent professor."

"Monk is a great teacher and makes his lectures entertaining. This is my favorite class at Sac State."

"I was afraid to take this class because Iím white and I didnít want to take a white-bashing class but never once did I feel bad. I learned so much about my own race as well as others."

"Professor Monk is an awesome instructor. He is a very intelligent man and I value everything he has taught me."

"Prof. Monk is a great teacher. He is not boring, funny, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the class."

"I enjoy the lecture almost every class session. I found this class very interesting. Iíve learned and understood different aspects in race and ethnicity better, which led me to become more liberal. Now, I look at other people and things more in-depth rather than based on their appearance. Thank you! Dr. Monk."

"Prof. Monk Tries to get students involved in lectures by trying to stimulate their ideas. Well organized in his lectures. Gives thorough information pertaining to the subject."

"Excellent instructor! Makes lectures fun and interesting!"

"Great Instruction. Very interesting, engaging and fun."

"Monk is a really exciting teacher. He knows how to relate to his students and this is probably one of my favorite classes that Iíve had this year."

"The course is interesting. Lectures are enjoyable. It's tough to discuss some racial and ethnic topics. So, I didn't know what to expect. One thing I was worried about was having a black professor stand up front and blame white people for everything, and be anti-white about everything. I was happy to find out that was not the case. The class has quality and I like that.

"Coming into the class I was expecting to learn more on other races, especially the minorities I think my expectations have been met and more so because I have a better understanding on how race is an issue. You sometimes don't know what's going on around you til you take a step back and observe, what's what I've felt like I've been able to do in this class. It's made me think about race a little more than I had anticipated from the beginning. Being a minority in America, it's helping me prepare for something I might come in contact with (prejudices, etc.)"

"I've taking ethnic studies courses already, so parts of this is like a reminder, but hey, that's not a bad thing. I love how you taught the class, its simple and straight forward. What you go over in lecture give me a clue as to what I should focus n when I read. Most importantly you give us like a week to read the chapter. I hate to do thing required of myself at the last minute."

"I expected the course to be discussion based. I really enjoy that format of the course. If there is an outside opinion, it is answered thoroughly and taken into consideration. I believe that readings are often difficult to understand. T be able to understand it, you have to read it numerous times. Other than the readings, I believe the course is very insightful and I like the format."

"When I first signed up for the course I didn't know what to expect. I just signed up because I needed it for G.E. On the first day of class I got intimidated, just a little bit though. As the semester went along I enjoyed it even more. The class discussions are very interesting and keeps me awake."

"The class has been great. My expectations were that I would learn more about race and how it plays a role in society. I feel that I have learned more about race and ethnic groups due to being part of this class. On part I would like to see changed is not learning about Europeans because I've done that my whole school life. I love this class and I am learning several perspectives and different theories when it comes to race in America."

"Coming into this course I really didn't have very many expectations besides hearing how the white man did this and that and how horrible they have been throughout history. I however, have been very pleased with this course and the way it has been taught. It has been very insightful with extremely intelligent point of views. I have not agreed 100% with everything but over all this course has been very educational."

"I had no expectations coming into this class. I enjoyed the class discussions and materials covered in class. I think it's great to see a professor coming from a minority background teaching this class because of the life experience a minority has compared to a white professor. Having had no expectations to start out with, It's safe to say this class has exceeded my expectations. Another thing I like about this class is the time seems to fly by."

"This class is about ethnic and race relations. This class is very interesting. I have learned a lot about this country. Coming form the Philippines I know little about the history of the United States. Throughout the class I started to build my knowledge as we go on. It is always a new thing for me. At first, it was very hard for me to put all of these ideas together but as I kept reading I started to learn how to study. All in all I will definitely recommend this class to others. This course was very enriching and awakening."

"My expectations of this course were to get a better understanding of the cultures and customs of other racial groups. This class has me my expectations in an upbeat and friendly atmosphere with a teacher who is very understanding and knowledgeable on the subject."

"I like how this class requires us to think and not just memorize information. In my previous classes there has been little emphasis on this. It's nice to have a teacher that is knowledgeable about the subject without reading out of the book."

*Selected from student comments.