Karen Davis O'Hara
California State University, Sacramento
  Department of
Child Development
of Education
  Spring 2004


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This semester I teach Research Methods in Human Development (CHDV 133;7). In past semesters I have taught Social and Emotional Development, Cross-Cultural Child Development, a graduate seminar in motivation, and the culminating experience for graduate students.

I attended UC Davis for both my undergraduate and doctoral degrees. My background and training are in psychobiological development, temperament theory, and attachment theory. My research interests center around children's emotional development, particularly from a biological perspective. I am very interested in how children develop the ability to regulate their emotions, and how this impacts cognitive, social, and physical outcomes, especially physical and mental health outcomes.

I hold advising hours for Child Development Major A students on a drop in basis during my office hours. Please feel free to drop by and discuss your advising matters. I also advise students in the Master's program in Child Development, and in general in regard to research matters.


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I am currently conducting research on temperament and motivation, and frontal lobe activity patterns as indicators of emotion regulation in preschool children. If you are interested in getting involved in research of this nature, I encourage you to come by and talk with me.


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