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Elaine O'Brien

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Art 192B :: Senior Seminar in Art History

Art 192B, Fall 2019
Kadema 170

Professor Elaine O’Brien
Office Hours: M 1:30-3 pm; Th 10:30 am-12 pm
Office: Kadema 190



Seminar description:
index_clip_image002Art 192B is the culminating course for the Art History major. The seminar format and size makes it possible for us to teach and learn interactively in presentations and discussions. Assignments are designed to help you synthesize what you have learned up to now in your major, to hear your own “voice” as a thinker and writer, to clarify your talents and desires, and to decide what your first vocational steps will be after graduation. Readings introduce you to the subjects, values, and methods of exemplary historians and theorists of art. Their essays serve as models for our writing. Core assignments are the BA thesis developed from a previously-written term paper and the oral presentation of your BA thesis in a public forum at the end of the semester. Other assignments and activities develop basic professional skills, such as formal presentations, writing a cover letter, and creating your curriculum vitae (résumé).

Prerequisites: Senior status, completion of all lower-division requirements, History 100, the CSUS Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement and demonstration of Writing Proficiency as prescribed by the university.




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