Namaste! ¡Adios! Adeus! Good bye!

After 23 years of service, I am not so sure who learned more; this humble servant, or his students.

The lessons learned were not always easy, or with out their frustrations, but in the end this intitution has allowed me to grow, even to flourish, and for that I am eternally grateful.

As well, I am equally grateful to the folks in the university computer center who patiently fascilitated this platform over the years. This space has allowed me amazing opportunties to communicate, teach and create community both here and globally! Thank you!!

If you need to find me, or want to follow my exploits, you may access my new website which can be found at:

And as always, my blogs: On Being Notorious... and Revoked await your visit!

Muito Obrigado!  Viva a California State University, Sacramento!

Daniel Clark Orey, Ph.D.

January 2011, Sacramento, California, USA

Janeiro de 2011, Sacramento na Califórnia, EUA