Jeanne Pfeifer

Sacramento State University

Teacher Education

College Of Education

Summer, 2008

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Contact Information


Professor of Teacher Education

Office Hours:

Office: Benicia Hall 1038

before and after class and by appointment

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(916) 278-5542


(916) 278-6643

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CSU, Sacramento

6000 J Street

Sacramento, CA 95819-6079

Summer Classes:

EdTe 315 Social Studies Methods in a Diverse Classroom


Fall Classes:

EdTe 10 Critical Thinking and the Educated Person (Word)

Concepts pdf

American Character pdf

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Classes taught:

Masters' Level Courses:

EdTe 226: Seminar: Strategies for Teachers


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EdTe 227: Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction, K-12

EdTe 224: Critical Thinking: Models and Teaching Strategies in the Classroom

EdTe 296: Cooperative Learning: Models and Teaching Strategies in the Classroom

EdTe 232 Educational Applications of Computers

Pre-Service Courses:

Edu 308 Social Studies Methods

EdTe 305: Curriculum and Methods in Elementary School Social Studies

EdTe 330b: Educational Technology in the Classroom: Applications and Integration

Literature Presentation

EdTe 387: Social Studies for the Secondary School

Special Problems course: Global Negotiation Project, Integrating Technology and High School World History

Papers, and Publications

CalStateTEACH curriculum guides (Fall, 1998);

Stage 2: Activity: Geography is Everywhere

Stage 3: Activity: Social Studies Unit Planning

Stage 4: Activities: Integrated Unit Planning, Teaching Conflict Resolution

Technology Guide: Getting onto WebCT (Spring, 1999)

Research Projects/Interests

PT3: Preparting Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology: A three year U.S. Department of Education Grant. Teacher training is a partnership between the university and school placements. The purpose of the grant is to continue our past partnerships and provide greater solidification by jointly developing curriculum which is enhanced by technology and that may be used in methods courses or in the field by teachers and student teachers. This will be accomplished by creating design teams around the typical course work in teacher education (literacy, math, science, social studies and foundations). Each design team will have two teachers, a technology mentor, a College of Education faculty member and a university faculty member from Arts and Sciences. During the course of the grant activities, participants will have an opportunity to learn more about technology and its integration into the curriculum.

CalStateTEACH: An online course designed for emergency credentialed teachers throughout California. Participated in this chancellor's project in two capacities: developed materials related to social studies which were integrated into an 18 month series of four study curriculum guides and helped develop sections of the technology guide.

Eureka! Apple Learning Interchange Project: A collaborative project with CSU Sacramento and Sonoma to create a website for university students and university education professors to submit and review work which infuses technology and curriculum. Materials are for use in methods courses for pre service as well as materials which student teachers and Interns may use in public school classrooms.

Global Negotiation Project: working with Stanford University and 15 high schools throughout Northern California. Using technology for research, presentation of proposals, communication (email) and conferencing over world wide global issues. Students at CSUS "play" the United States while high school students "play" countries throughout the world (e.g. Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany, United Kingdom). All participating schools join together for a face to face conference on the Stanford campus in mid-May.

Apple New Connections Grant: Technology integrated with social studies curriculum. KIDS: Kids Investigating and Discovering Sacramento. Using primary source materials to have children become historians.

Professional Associations

NCSS National Council for Social Studies

CCSS California Council for Social Studies

CUE Computer Users in Education

AERA American Educational Research Association

ASCD Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.


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