This is the C&O Canal Bike Trip Page for July, 2006.

In July of 2006 I set out to conquer the 184.5 mile Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) Canal towpath bike trail. I rented an SUV from Hertz (you can rent one-way to Cumberland, MD and drop it off at Wayne's Citgo station!)), packed my bike and drove from Washington, DC to Cumberland, where I spent the night at the Holiday Inn hotel before beginning the solo ride the next day (the end point of the C&O Canal at mile post "184.5").  Over the next 3 days (14-16 July 2006) I rode the mud-covered trail, through rain and hot, humid middle-Atlantic July weather, averaging 60-70 miles per day (61.70 miles, 70.43 miles and 63.39 miles), with additional travel due to overnight stops in Hancock, Maryland and Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.  Mile post "0", in Washington, DC (Georgetown) was the end of my journey (although there was the final short bike ride home after a celebratory drink on the Georgetown waterfront!).  Here is my trip in pictures...

Day 0

 06865Cumberland.jpg (319365 bytes)    06866Cumberland.jpg (366258 bytes)    06869CanalMuseum.jpg (339075 bytes)

Cumberland, Maryland

Day 1

        06891TheEndOfTheRoadOrBeginningInMyCase(Cumberland).jpg (241351 bytes)   06881TheEasyWayToTravel.jpg (199049 bytes)   06894ThePathForward(Cumberland).jpg (506066 bytes)

          Me, my transportation (not the canal boat!), mile post "184.5" and the way to mile post "0" at Georgetown...

 06895WhooHooHalfAMileDown.jpg (712804 bytes) 

Whoo hoo!  One-half mile down, 184 to go!

06896OutsideCumberland.jpg (593507 bytes)   06903CanalHouseAndLock.jpg (361020 bytes)   06906Towpath.jpg (425565 bytes)

Sights along the canal outside of Cumberland, including the first canal house...

06907OldTownLock.jpg (565591 bytes)   06909Lock70.jpg (367553 bytes)

Near "Oldtown", at mile 166.7

06917PawPawTunnel.jpg (457466 bytes)   06925LightAtTheEndOfThePawPawTunnel.jpg (277657 bytes)   06926PawPawSouthSide.jpg (591067 bytes)

The Paw Paw Tunnel (mile 155.8 to mile 155.2)

06929CanalHouse.jpg (534256 bytes)   06931PotomacRiverView.jpg (390739 bytes)

A canal house, and a view of the Potomac River

06933RoundTopCementCompany.jpg (454442 bytes)   06935RestingBike.jpg (671248 bytes)

Resting at the Roundtop Cement Mill (mile 127.4)

Day 2

06955LickingCreekAqueduct.jpg (359179 bytes)   06959FortFrederick.jpg (441851 bytes)

Licking Creek Aqueduct (mile 116.0) and Fort Frederick (mile 112.4)

06960FourLocks.jpg (389490 bytes)   06962CanalHouseAndLock.jpg (519695 bytes)

Four Locks (mile 108.6) and yet another canal house...

06965Dam5Stop.jpg (315564 bytes)   06968ConococheagueAqueduct.jpg (379476 bytes)   06969Lock44Williamsport.jpg (358143 bytes)

Dam 5 (mile 106.6), Conococheague Aqueduct (mile 99.5) and lunch at Williamsport, MD (mile 99.4)

06970WhooHooHalfWay.jpg (590785 bytes)   06971WhooHooHalfWay.jpg (398750 bytes)

Whoo hoo!  Half way there at mile 92...

06980HarpersFerryJohnBrownFirehouse.jpg (445412 bytes)   06987HarpersFerry.jpg (165649 bytes)   06989HarpersFerry.jpg (300757 bytes)

Harper's Ferry (mile 60.7)

Day 3

06990Lock31.jpg (385325 bytes)  06991CatoctincreekTrainBridge.jpg (455272 bytes)

Lock 31 and the Catoctin Creek Aqueduct area (mile 51.5)

06998MonocacyAqueduct.jpg (611454 bytes)   07004MonocacyAqueduct.jpg (283119 bytes)

Monocacy Aqueduct (mile 42.1)

07007LockHouse.jpg (604650 bytes)

A canal lockhouse, the last in unseen territory since...

07009Mile25BeenHereBefore.jpg (614626 bytes)

A milestone at mile 25.0...I had been this far before, coming up from Georgetown!  But onward...

07010SenecaCreekAqueduct.jpg (439505 bytes)

Seneca Creek Aqueduct (mile 22.8)

07013b(Really06857)TrumpetVine.jpg (245763 bytes)   07013aPotomacView.jpg (522041 bytes)   07013c(Really06858)TrumpetVine.jpg (201211 bytes)

Views along the Potomac...

07016GreatFallsTavern.jpg (469523 bytes)   GreatFalls06845.jpg (421689 bytes)   07020GreatFallsTavern.jpg (542467 bytes)

Great Falls and Great Falls Tavern (mile 14.3)

07021bLock8.jpg (101026 bytes)   07026Lock7Stop.jpg (307712 bytes)   07034aLock6.jpg (568343 bytes)

Lock 8, Lock 7 and Lock 6

07034c(Really06813)Turtle.jpg (196701 bytes)

Soon I will be relaxing too!

07035Georgetown.jpg (316405 bytes)   07036(Really06859)TheGeorgetown.jpg (554877 bytes)

Ah, Georgetown!

07041Lock1Georgetown.jpg (350073 bytes)   07049IMadeItMile0.jpg (472083 bytes)

And finally, after 184.5 miles, the end of the towpath at mile "0"!  To the waterfront for a cocktail....

Day 4

For a final celebration I ate dinner along the canal at "Sea Catch" restaurant.  I recommend it...


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