Yucatan Peninsula

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Popocatepetl (in back) spewing ash in a minor eruption.

Ixtlaccihautl is in foreground.

(Taken during flight from Mexico City to Yucatan peninsula)


 Beth on pyramid  

   Chichen-Itza, view from the pyramid.

 Gran Cenote (the great sinkhole)

at Chichen-Itza




 Lagoon at Akumal.

Great snorkling.

Beth sitting on limestone

Beth on a pyramid in Coba 

   Looking up through a sink hole in a cave near Akumal. Tree roots grow through crack in limestone into the cave.

 A small sinkhole on the surface above the cave we were just in.

Photo taken looking vertically downward.




Mayan ruins on the coast near Akumal.


 The flow of ground water in Yucatan indicating a buried impact crater centered at Chuxulub.  

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