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Adam Rechs

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Bio 132 (Neurophysiology) :: overview

Note: The reading for the extra credit assignment (excerpts from the essay What Is Man) can be found here:

What Is Man

The document you will be reading are only excerpts (sections I, part of II, and V) from the orginal essay by Twain. Once you have read the excerpts of the essay, write an essay (at least 2 pages) about whether or not you agree with Twain. Explain your reasoning. (Max. points: 10)

Catalog Description: Organization and function of the nervous system will be explored. Topics include mechanisms of communication between neurons, integration of sensory and motor systems, and functional brain systems. Diseased states will be introduced, as appropriate. Lecture 3 hours.

Prerequisite and requirements: BIO 131 or both BIO 025 and BIO 026.

Number of Units: 3

last updated: 2/1/2010
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