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Chemistry 6A

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Chemistry 161


Stained Glass Ball.gif (983 bytes)Office: SQU-428C; Office Hours: MWF—10:00 AM to 11:00 AM;, Office Telephone Number: 278-7654



            B.S.                             University of Redlands: 1969

                                                Redlands, California

                                                Major: Chemistry

                                                Research Director: Dr. J.B. Ifft


            M.S. & Ph.D.               Northwestern University: 1971; 1974

                                                Evanston, Illinois

                                                Major: Chemistry/Biochemistry

                                                Research Director: Dr. I.M. Klotz


            NIH Postdoc.               University of California: 1974-77

                                                Berkeley, California

                                                Research Director: Dr. H.K. Schachman


            J.D.                              McGeorge School of Law: 1985

                                                Sacramento, California




            College Chemistry in the Laboratory, Hein, Peisen, and Ritchey, Tenth Edition, 2012, Wiley Publishers.