Working with PowerDirector Express to Convert and Reduce Video Files for TaskStream (for PC)

1.  Import the Video File (Media Files)
2.  Find the video file on the camera (EVERIO_HDD) or source.
3.  Select the video file(s) to import.
4.  After selecting and importing the video file, click on it and drag the file down to the timeline.
5.  Once the file is in the timeline, click on Produce (you can split and cut the video file parts not needed before producing the file-another tutorial on the splitting of video is coming, but you can use the PowerDirector Help to learn how to split and cut video).
6. Click output to see where the file will be produced and saved, then click on Create a Streaming File. (then click next)
7.  Choose to create a WMV file and select 768 Kbps. TaskStream allows a single file to be at most 100MB. Choose WMV. Click next to proceed.
8. After you have select the format for the video file and have clicked "next"  in step 7, just click "start."
9.  It will say "Congratulations Done" when complete, then just click the red x.
10.  Below see the finished file. It should be small enough to upload to TaskStream however it should not be larger than 100MB.