Making a Newsletter

Synopsis - Samples - Tips - Tutorials


A TaskStream lesson/activity which infuses the creation of a newsletter or brochure into the curriculum. The lesson should focus on the integration of the curriculum, not necessarily the teaching of a software application.

Use the TaskStream Lesson Builder.
Objective: Learn how to organize a technology based lesson.


Other Samples of well written procedures (not necessarily newsletters)


Tips: Remember to think about how you learn, and what you do step by step when you create a document.  First you write a rough draft, then go to the computer.  Type in the text, then do the graphic work.



Technology Lesson/Activity/Project Planning

PPP - Preparation - Process - Presentation

Technology 'Lessons/Activites/Projects' come in different shapes and sizes.   They can be a quick one session Internet research or a two week multimedia project.   The following guidelines will help you in designing the activity.   Some criteria will pertain and some may not, depending on the activity. Keep this planning overview in mind as you follow the lesson format as presented in TaskStream.


•What will the students have already done/experienced/studied?

•  What will they need to have completed before going to the lab?

•  Pre-reading

•  Novel

•  Chapter in textbook

•  Recently finished unit.

•  Project is culminating activity

•  Will they need time to do Internet research?

•  Will they need to   go to the library and research?

•  Will they need to write rough drafts?




•  What exactly will this look like in the lab/classroom?

•  What skills do they have?

•  What skills will you teach?

•  Process must have day by day breakdown with expectations.

•  What will the students accomplish in each lab session?

•  Include Internet research if it is needed.

•  Include how you will organize the writing of rough drafts.

•  Require written text before images/sounds/movies.

•  Where will they save?

•  What will you do with the early finishers?

•  How long will the activity take?



•What will be the closure for the student?

•  Present project in class

•  Team presentation

•  Bulletin board

•  Credit/NoCredit grading - process oriented

•  Corrected by teacher

Assignment originally created by Jeff Peach.