English 190V


Unit 1: Domestic Realism

Unit 2: Tragedy

Unit 3: Comedy

Unit 4: Director's Choice



Unit 1: Domestic Realism

Unit Goals and Objectives

  • Know the differences between theater and other kinds of entertainment.
  • Know the difference between a REALISTIC illusion created on stage from a non-realistic one.
  • Know the content and structure of A Raisin in the Sun and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  • Write focused responses to both plays and ask questions about both.
  • Engage in an online dialogue with your classmates about the content and structure of both plays.
  • Search the Web for more information about the plays and the playwrights and submit a Web Search report.
  • Write paper #1.


A Raisin in the Sun


Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Responses due Feb. 6 - 10 by Group.
Responses due Feb. 13 - 17 by Group.

Web Search: There's a wealth of info about these great plays and their authors. As you respond to each play, search the web for biographical data, themes, production history or how the play has been transformed into opera, symphony, previous movie adaptations, etc. etc. etc.



My favorite search engines are:

In these search engins type in either the title of the play, the playwright's name, or the names of one of the actors, director, etc., click search and you're on your way.

What ae you searching for?

Look for something that might have been included in a class lecture /discussion -- or just something that especially interested you.

Do not just download a page from a site.

Summarize what you learned about one of the plays in the unit in your own words and post a 1 page report in Discussions -- Topic: "Web Search - Gr. 1,2,3," etc.

DUE: Feb. 19

Include the Web Address (URL).

Group Activities:

You were assigned to one of 5 groups on the first class meeting. Your group determines when your response and questions are due for each play.

For example, for Raisin, a response to the play (with one question) from Group 1 is due Wed. Feb. 6, Group 2 Thurs. Feb. 7, Group 3 Fri. Feb. 8 , etc. Always check the CALENDAR to see when your response is due for any given week.

See Directed Response NOTES for Raisin and NOTES for Woolf?

For each play:

1) Read Video Preview

2) See Video.

3) On the Bulletin Board post a Response to one of the Questions on the NOTES for each play. Post in the proper FORUM. (The two Forums for this unit are Raisin and Woolf?) First come first serve on the Notes.
Once a question has been selected by a classmate, you must choose another question.

4) Attach at least one of your own questions at the end of your response -- one that occurred to you as you watched the video. Include this question in your Response on the Bulletin Board. Respond to your classsmates' responses and questions. Read every response. Participation is 25% of your grade.

5) Post your Response by due date for your group.

6) Search the Web for each play. Submit a report.







NOTES for Raisin



NOTES for Woolf

Paper #1

Write your paper in Word or whatever word prossessing program you use. You will then download your paper into WebCt through the Assignment Drop-Box Icon from the Homepage.




Your essay should be analytical. Don't simply re-tell the plot. Analyze the content of one specific aspect of the play.

You've all participated in the on line discussion for the first two plays. Some of the responses from your classmates on the NOTES for each play must have intrigued you. Select one of the topics from the Notes for either play and write a 2 - 3 page paper on that topic. You may choose for your paper the same topic you wrote your response on. You may also incorporate into your paper your classmates' ideas as well as information from a web search -- yours or your classmates' -- but footnote your classmates' ideas and research to give credit where credit's due. Footnote all information obtained from the


Since the papers are short, do not write any kind of introduction. Get right to the point. However, your paper should have a concluding statement -- an overall assessment or your informed opinion.


 Paper #1 due Thurs. Feb. 21 for all groups.

Grades for papers will be posted in WebCt.

From the home page click the GRADEBOOK icon.

Do not exceed three pages. Papers of less than two pages, or with overly large margins and fonts will be returned as Incomplete.




There is no Mid-term or Final.




Criteria for evaluation of Responses and Questions


Criteria for Evaluation of Web Searches





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