Late (not yet available in Viz translations) manga references in The Taming of the Horse and Centaur:


The wedding fiasco: in v37-1, at the beginning of the Phoenix Mountain arc, their families planned a wedding for Akane and Ranma; both objected strenuously and effectively. During the Phoenix Mountain story, which involved a battle of mythical proportions against Saffron, a lord of semi-divine power, and Kiima, the captain of his guard, Ranma believed Akane was dead twice. He was devastated both times, which forced him to confront his true feelings for Akane -- but not to explicitly acknowledge them.

In v38-9, at the end of the Phoenix Mountain arc, the families planned another wedding. This time, Akane went along with it, and when Ranma asked her why, she said "Ranma... atashi no koto suki nan desho?" ("Ranma... you love me, right?") Ranma, flustered, neither confirmed nor denied this, and tempers flared. When Akane told him there was a barrel of Nannichuan (Spring of Drowned Man) water in the dojo, Ranma went after it. So did Genma, Mousse, and Ryoga (who was there by accident; it appeared that he had given up on Akane after seeing Akane's and Ranma's reactions in Jusendo, because he had received a wedding invitation but was thinking of Akari rather than attending or trying to stop the wedding). Happosai drank the whole barrel, thinking it was sake. Ukyo and Shampoo showed up and bombed the chaos; Kuno Tatewaki and Kodachi added to it. The wedding was cancelled... but things have changed. The illustration at the top of the last page of the manga expresses this perfectly.

Akari: an amazingly nice girl who raises sumo pigs. When Ryoga defeated her pig Katsunishiki in v30-1, she fell hard for Ryoga. Her love was only strengthened when she discovered Ryoga's Jusenkyo curse. Ryoga was torn between Akari and Akane in v30-1 through v30-3, v31-4 and v31-5, and v36-2.

Jusendo: where the battle with Saffron began and ended. Ranma's reactions when he thought Akane's revival had failed and when he realized that Akane was alive (see "Breaking") convinced Akane that he loved her.

Ranma's paranoia: a temporary reaction to multiple threats to Akane's life in a short time, and his near-failure to deal with them.

Kasumi: her character is more assertive in the manga than in the anime (yet another reason why I rejected anime "continuity" for this story). I've made her more active still, because I needed her for the story, and I justify that with the notion that Kasumi's activity is mostly "behind the scenes" (not covert, just not shown) in the manga, or that she's slowly emerging from the shell she withdrew into after her mother's untimely death; take your pick.

Dr. Tofu: he has not been seen in the manga since the Hiryu Shoten Ha arc in v13, even in situations where he would be useful to the characters or the story. I conclude that he's gone.

Mt. Horai: where Ranma went to find the Kaisuifuu (see Chapter 6 below) in v24-1 through v25-2. He was gone for some time, and Akane was badly worried about him, especially after news reports that the mountain had collapsed.

Ryugenzawa: a forest where Akane went in v26-1 through v26-11 after news reports of strange animals stirred childhood memories in her. Akane and Ranma both barely escaped death in a battle with a huge eight-headed dragon- monster there.

"Silly mushrooms": in v33-3 through v33-5, Ranma and Ryoga were both regressed to childhood by magic mushrooms, and wrecked several chances to return to their proper ages by bickering with each other. If Akane hadn't secretly raised some mushrooms to the right size, their age difference would have been a serious problem for Ranma and Akane....

Chapter 1: Housing

Nodoka: when Genma took Ranma away from his mother Nodoka, he (and the very young Ranma) signed a contract stating that if Genma did not make Ranma into a "man among men", both would commit seppuku. After Nodoka came to the Tendos seeking her husband and son, Genma and Ranma hid from her as "Ranko Tendo" and her pet panda, since Genma feared that Ranma's curse would be seen by Nodoka as failure to fulfill the contract. See v22-2 through v22-6, v28-1 through v28-10, v30-8 through v30-10, v33-9, v34-5 through v34-9, v36-3 through v36-7.

Moving out of the Tendo house: after Nodoka discovered Ranma's curse and decided that he was manly enough to live (in v36-7), she told Ranma and Genma to move back to the Saotome house. Ranma and Akane took this badly, and, of course, took it out on each other. After hijinks involving a pill-box that all the fiancees thought was an engagement ring, the Saotome house was damaged enough that Nodoka, Genma, and Ranma had to move back in with the Tendos temporarily. See v36-7 though v36-10.

Katana between the futons: Genma behaved like a real slimeball all through the Nodoka/Ranko stories. Nodoka is a proper, traditional Japanese housewife, if a bit eccentric in some ways, but she is not blind, she is not stupid, and she is not weak-willed.

Disappear under the tatami: one of the more specialized Saotome-ryu skills. See v34-8.

Chapter 2: Diet

Akane's cooking: it is not as bad in the manga as it is presented in the anime. While there are many examples of Akane's cooking making someone (usually Ranma) sick, at the beginning of the Ryugenzawa story arc (v25-10), she cooked a meal that was palatable. It is reasonable to expect that she will continue to improve slowly.

Kunoichi: a female ninja. Konatsu is a guy, but was raised as a girl by ninjas, and now lives and works at the Ucchan. See v35-6 through v35-10, v36-11.

Chapter 3: Exercise

"...the last time I died..." What Akane remembers from Jusendo is not clearly stated in the manga. There were indications that she may even have been semi-conscious in "dehydrated-doll" state during the battle.

"Saffron. Ranma would die for me. Ranma would kill for me. If he thought I was dead, he might do anything. Shampoo was there; she has to know that." In Ranma's battle with Saffron, he tried to subdue Saffron and failed; after cutting Saffron's wings off, he offered Saffron a chance to yield, but Saffron regenerated his wings and continued to attack; he froze and broke Saffron's arm off, but Saffron recovered; finally, with time running out to revive Akane, he improvised a variant on the Hiryu Shoten Ha that froze Saffron solid and ripped him into chunks at a great height. The utter desperation that slowly drove Ranma to kill for the first time is clear and painful to see. Saffron survived, having reverted to a hatchling, but Ranma could not have known in advance that that would happen.

Kasumi and Soun's demon-head: this ability is not in the manga. But see Kasumi's solution to the oni-blasting plant at the end of v34-1...

Chapter 4: Training

Enchanted do-gi: in v32-8 though v32-11, Akane turned out to be the only one who could fit into an enchanted do-gi (combat suit, sort of) that Soun, Genma, and Ranma obtained from a mountain shrine. It enhanced her combat skill to the point where she was more than a match for Ranma, which Ranma couldn't abide. He tried to defeat the suit several ways, but failed. When he was told that the suit was jealous and that if the suit's wearer were to fall in love with someone, the suit would reject the wearer, he tried to seduce Akane, which Akane was happy about until she discovered why... only by that time, Ranma had realized that he wasn't doing it just to get rid of the suit. Akane was furious, and the final battle began, with Ranma trying to dismantle the suit by hitting its belt-clasp, and Akane trying to pulp Ranma for toying with her affections. Ranma eventually managed to hit the clasp without hitting Akane, and Akane forgave him (half-pulping him probably helped there).

Rouge and massage: Rouge is a girl who fell into the Spring of Drowned Ashura, so cold water turns her into a three-faced, six-armed, fire-spouting demon-goddess. Ranma intervened successfully when Pansuto Taro's battle with her brought her to the Tendo Dojo. Six arms makes for terrible backaches... See v32-1 through v32-5.

Kiima: Saffron's guard, a winged humanoid who came to Nerima pursuing Plum to begin the Phoenix Mountain story. Later she came back to kidnap Akane, and plunged Akane into a "blank" Jusenkyo pool so she could take Akane's form to trick Ranma (see v37-8).

Chapter 5: Breaking

"Ranma sat on a ledge of tortured stone..." See v38-9 p.158-162. Sniffle.

Chapter 6: Herding

"I've been locked in girl form now twice." The Cat-tongue tsubo (v5-6 through v6-3) was the first time. The second time was in v24-1 through v25-2, when a mysterious woman named Herb and her two attendants Mint and Lime came to Japan seeking the Kaisuifuu, a magic kettle that could reverse the effect of the Chisuiton, a magic bucket and dipper that could lock Jusenkyo curses. Herb used the Chisuiton to lock Ranma in female form. Ryoga and Mousse went with Ranma in pursuit of the Kaisuifuu, for less-than-altruistic reasons. Much battling ensued. Eventually Herb turned out to be a man who had fallen into the Nyannichuan and had his curse locked by the Chisuiton. Ranma defeated him and used the Kaisuifuu to unlock Ranma's own curse.

Akane's self-image and Ranma's figure: this has been an issue between them from the very beginning of Ranma 1/2, but it is most clearly shown in the "Bust Battle" story in v34-5 though v34-9. Akane's pride in her slightly-increased bust size was shattered when it was shown that Ranma's (female) bust was growing too. Ranma tried to be nice to her about it, but botched it as usual. Hurt feelings were complicated when Nodoka and the seppuku contract got involved. The sequence when the whole household "helps" Ranma to peep on Akane in the bath is a classic of slapstick.

Chapter 7: Competition

Ranma's date with Kodachi: in v32-6 and v32-7, Kodachi enlisted Ranma as her entry in a competition with a childhood rival of hers (Asuka the White Lily) to see who had the best boyfriend. When Asuka insulted Ranma, Akane was offended, and permitted Ranma to go with Kodachi. During the date, Akane followed to keep an eye on them. Kodachi stated that she knew Ranma was just going along out of pity for her. Ranma was run over by cows, drugged, bombed with roses AND lilies, trapped, smoked, and kicked through the roof, and it ended up a draw when it turned out that Asuka had "borrowed" her entry in the contest as well.

Chapter 8: Mating

Soun putting off another wedding: see v38-9 p.179.

"Taro, the Musk Dynasty, Ryugenzawa, Phoenix Mountain": all in the manga but not yet translated by Viz.

"Those funny monks from Tibet..." etc.: none of this is in the manga. Sorry...

Niryu Totsu Ha: Two Lunging Dragon Strike, more or less. It uses hot and cold ki from two cooperating people to project a (usually more or less horizontal) cylinder of rotating air, like a Hiryu Shoten Ha but less powerful and more controllable. It is useful for picking up single opponents, making them very very dizzy, and slamming them into any convenient hard surfaces. It is not in manga or anime, but it is an obvious move to someone who knows the Hiryu Shoten Ha, who can improvise hideously effective variants in the middle of a battle, and has a partner with improving ki abilities.

Chapter 9: Wedding

"Engaged couples can do whatever they like!": see v34-8 p.122. Nodoka, who had gotten the idea that Ranma was a cross-dresser, underwear fetishist, and molester, was overjoyed to discover that it was Akane's underwear that Ranma was playing with (without Akane in them): since he and Akane were engaged, it was fiancee sex-games rather than a fetish, and hence manly rather than unmanly.

"...stupid pill-box...": see v36-9 thorugh v36-10. After the Saotomes moved out of the Tendo house, Nodoka gave Ranma a gift for Akane: a box with a ring in it. Ranma, the fiancees, and several bystanders all thought it was an engagement ring. Hijinks followed, complicated by the fact that Akane was peeved at Ranma for unusually annoying conduct while moving out, which resulted in severe damage to the Saotome house as the fiancees battled for the ring. When Ranma finally presented the box to Akane, he was amazed by how happy she seemed... right up until she tried to take the ring out of the box, and discovered that the ring was the handle to the lid of a pill-box.

Chapter 10: Honeymoon

Haunted onsens: see v31-9 through v31-10. While visiting an onsen, Ranma knocked a doll over and put it back together wrong. Akane's body was subsequently possessed by the spirit that had haunted the doll, while Akane's spirit was in the doll, so that the doll-spirit could get its revenge on Ranma. Ranma had a run of unusual luck and "Akane" got the worst of the attempts. When "Akane" tried to seduce Ranma, it dawned on him that something was wrong; his luck held long enough to get them switched back.

Centaur Chapter 1: The Lion and the Jackals

Legendary umbrella: in v31-6, an unexpected rain caused Akane to borrow an umbrella from the Furinkan spare-umbrella stock; it turned out to be the legendary Love Umbrella of Furinkan, which causes any couple who shares it to fall in love. Akane stopped scoffing when Kuno and Nabiki found themselves under the umbrella by accident and appeared to fall in love; a melee ensued, with Akane trying to keep off other girls who wanted to share the umbrella with Ranma, and Ranma trying to keep off other guys who wanted to share the umbrella with Akane, and both trying not to look like they wanted to share it with each other...

Centaur Chapter 3: Beauty and the Beast

Pantyhose-Taro: one of Ranma's recurring adversaries, a martial artist a little taller than Ranma, slim and good-looking in an exotic way, and very skilled. He wears a vest and bracers of some scaled purple leather, long loose trousers, an earring, and a pair of pantyhose as a sash. He has a Jusenkyo curse: Happosai baptized him at birth in the Spring of Drowned Yeti Riding Ox Carrying Eel and Crane; he has a bull-like form with shaggy fur, huge arms, tiny wings that nevertheless enable him to fly, and a tail like an eel, but backwards (the head's still on!)

He appears in v18-1 through v18-11, tracking down male victims of Jusenkyo curses one by one and beating them up. He does this to Mousse, Ryoga, and Genma, and Ranma eagerly awaits his turn... but PT changes to a monster and flies away with Akane. When the monster returns, Ranma and P-chan hitch a ride back to his hideout, but are defeated. Shampoo and Mousse turn up, and much battling ensues before they finally defeat PT. When they find out that PT is enraged at Happosai because of the name Happosai gave him, they try a few schemes to help PT convince Happosai to change his name, to no avail.

Taro returns in v23-1 through v23-4, still trying to get Happosai to change his name. This time he's splashed himself with water from the Spring of Drowned Octopus, and has tentacles growing from his back. With these, he thrashes Happosai, but it does him no good. Ranma gets involved to limit the collateral damage, and defeats the tentacles by taking advantage of their instinctive tendency to crawl into enclosed places (a smokestack).

Taro returns again in v32-1 through v32-5. This time his opponent is a girl named Rouge who fell into the Spring of Drowned Ashura, and turns into a six-armed, three-faced, fire-spouting demon-goddess when splashed with cold water. Again, Ranma gets involved to keep the battle from laying the neighborhood waste; we get the impression that he doesn't really have anything personal against Taro.

A note on translation: when he first appears, Ranma calls the mysterious attacker "Pansutoyarou" (pantyhose guy) because of the pantyhose he leaves draped around his victims. It's not until later that we learn that Happousai named him "Pansutotarou". This is apparently supposed to be a hilarious pun. :)

"Tarou" can be a given name itself (it's a "standard" name for first-born sons, as "Jiro" is common for the second), but it is also very frequently found as the ending of a given name for boys; it means "plump son" and is therefore auspicious. I think it very likely that "Tarou" is not Pansutotarou's family name, but the last two syllables of his given name.

I could have translated the whole name as "Pantyhoseplumpson", or left it as "Pansutotarou"; I chose the mixed "Pantyhose-Tarou" because I preferred that ("pansuto" is borrowed from English anyway), and I left off the "u" because that's the romanization system I'm using (mostly).

Pansutotarou addresses Ranma as "okamayarou". "Okama" means "kettle"; it's a slang term for a gay male. I translate this as "girly-boy" because I think it's Ranma's "feminine nature" that Pansutotarou is disparaging.

Centaur Chapter 4: The Thrill of Victory

Kendo match with Kuno: see v21-7 through v22-1. The Furinkan girls' volleyball team, including Akane, were defeated by Seisyun's team due to the direct intervention of Seisyun's cheerleaders, led by Konjo Mariko. Akane took this hard. Later, Mariko fell in love with Kuno when he fell out of the sky and knocked her out; when she turned up while Kuno was trying to talk onna-Ranma into cheering for his kendo team, she challenged Ranma to a Combat Cheerleading match. Ranma agreed, mostly to avenge Akane, but it turned out the the winner was to be decided by Kuno: the one he loved the most would win. Ranma had some trouble with this, and so did Akane...

On the day of the kendo match, Ranma was losing at Combat Cheerleading (mostly because she was having trouble persuading Kuno that she loved him), so Akane saw another way to win: defeat Kuno while Ranma was cheering for HER. She put on Seisyun armor and defeated the Furinkan kendo team easily (the Seisyun team had been drugged by Mariko). She was holding her own against Kuno in kendo, but the match was decided by Combat Cheerleading.

Umi-sen-ken: lit. "sea-thousand-fist". In v28-1 through v28-10, Ranma battled a wanderer named Kumon Ryu who was impersonating him to Nodoka. Genma had invented a pair of complementary Musabetsu Kakuto styles named "Yama-sen-ken" ("mountain-thousand-fist") and "Umi-sen-ken" ("sea-thousand-fist"). He had "sealed them away" because they were too dangerous, but not before leaving Kumon's father a scroll of the Yama-sen-ken. An unlucky accident killed the father, and Kumon, who had learned the Yama-sen-ken, sought the Umi-sen-ken scroll. Ranma defeated him by using the Umi-sen-ken and related techniques. The two styles were analogous to the actions of a forceful and a stealthy burglar, respectively, treating the human body as the house of interest.

Shinnosuke: In v25-10 through v26-11, Akane went to the mysterious forest of Ryugenzawa after a news report brought back her memories of an incident from her childhood where a boy with a push-broom rescued her from giant animals. Ranma went after her, but when he arrived he found that she'd met the boy, Shinnosuke, now about their age, and appeared to be in love with him. It was a misunderstanding (Shinnosuke had been mortally wounded saving Akane), but Ranma didn't know that; jealous, he attacked Shinnosuke, so Akane intervened, slapping Ranma. Ranma took this as proof that Akane loved Shinnosuke and didn't love him, and ran off, but hung around in case Akane got into trouble... and she did, the same trouble Shinnosuke was in, involving a giant 8-headed dragon and the Water of Life. Eventually the misunderstanding was cleared up, but Ranma had clearly suffered considerable distress in the interim.

"You brought steel to our first wedding...": see v38-9. He did just that. Kuno no baka.

Haunted cherry tree: see v30-7. Kuno carved his name next to "pig-tailed girl" on the trunk of a cherry tree on his property; the tree absorbed him (leaving just his head sticking out) and ran around town demanding dates with pig-tailed girls. Ranma nobly sacrificed herself to protect all the other pig-tailed girls... well, sort of. :)