2004 Nov 23

Time to update the webpage a bit after someone posted Taming to fanfiction.net and people started emaiing me about it, and I also took the opportunity to get permission from Gary Kleppe to post his scripts for the late, lamented Taming audioplay.

No new text, alas, but I'm still confident that I'm not an ex-fanfic-writer. "We will post no fic before its time." :)

2003 Oct 17

I was looking at my files recently, and the datestamps show that I started writing Taming of the Horse on 1998 Oct 17, or five years ago today. My, how time flies... I was a lot more productive those days in terms of fanfic text output per unit time than I am now. Sorry about that. ^_^;

I'm still working (slowly) on Centaur 6 and the AMAW backstories, and thinking about other fanfics I might write someday. I've updated the project list again; it hasn't gotten any shorter even though I finished some of the projects!

2001 Nov 26

Argh. Now it's been three times as long, and hence three times as frightening.

I'm making progress on Centaur 5, 6, and 9, but very slowly; C5 is about 70% done. The problem is still lack of time and energy; I haven't lost interest in writing, and, if the amount and content of the mail I've received on the subject is any guide, you haven't lost interest in reading. Rest assured that I would like to write and post more stories than I've managed in the last year, and I'm trying to bring that about.

2000 Nov 17

My goodness, it's been six whole months... frightening.

I posted Ranma and the Heart of the Phoenix in July, so the time hasn't been a total waste. :) I just posted an AMAW semi-spamfic to the webpage. People are emailing me about Centaur, and all I can say is that I haven't given up yet... it's just hard to find time to write these days, and that's frustrating for me too. Centaur 5 is about 40% done, but it's been stuck there since September. The later Centaur chapters and the AMAW backstories are all gestating in my imagination, awaiting their turn to be written.

I've updated the project list.

2000 May 17

As some of you have apparently noticed :), I'm a little off my "schedule"; for the better part of a year, I've been releasing Centaur chapters every 8-10 weeks. It's been over 12 weeks since I posted Centaur 2-1/2, and chapter 5 isn't out yet... and that's because it's not done yet.

Since I started writing fanfic, it's been my habit to work on one major project at a time, with occasional diversions into minor projects that can be wrapped up in a couple of weeks (like Transitions and A Man Among Women). The volume and quality of the reader response to AMAW caused me to begin imagining scenes from four stories comprising the AMAW backstory. I fought them off long enough to get Centaur 2-1/2 written, but then they returned... and brought company. Now my imagination is assaulting me with bits of a dozen stories, and I'm having trouble coping: none of them will leave me alone long enough to get any of them written!

So I'm working on developing new habits. Until then, I can't say what will arrive when; all I can say is that I haven't given up, and I haven't lost interest, and some of this stuff will be posted sometime...

Current project queue, in no particular order:

Mermaid's Flipper (Rumik World, crossover): Yuta meets Michigan J. Frog. Part of a multi-author multi-crossover project coordinated by Andrew Norris. 2003Oct17: I think this is dead, since none of the other writers who signed up for this appear to have written their parts, and it would be pretty silly standing alone. On the other hand, when has that stopped me before?

Centaur 6: The Feminine Mistake (Ranma, continuation): Ranma's accommodation of his curse is tested by events.

Centaur 7: The Daimyo of the Dance (Ranma, continuation): Nabiki, needing money more than usual, enlists the aid of Ranma and Akane.

Centaur 8: [untitled] (Ranma, continuation): Akane and Ranma try to heal the rift between Nodoka and Genma.

Centaur 9: [untitled] (Ranma, continuation): The inevitable showdown between Ranma and Akane and Happosai over mastery of the Musabetsu Kakutou.

Triangles (Ranma, AMAW backstory): Ranma's first "training trip", to Kansai and China.

Black Rose, White Knight (Ranma, AMAW backstory): Kodachi becomes Ranma's mistress... or is it the other way around?

[untitled] (Ranma, AMAW backstory): Akane and Ranma finally consummate their long-hidden love.

[untitled] (Ranma, alternate): One little thing is different... and in this timeline Shampoo has a real chance in the Shampoo-Ranma-Akane triangle.

[untitled] (Ranma/Toyama no Kinsan crossover): Kinsan, incorrigible meddler in pre-Meiji Edo, gets involved in the personal affairs of a large and diverse group of martial artists... but he has his own secrets.

The Kobuta Files (Ranma/Piglet Files fusion): Ranma is drafted by the Japanese Secret Service as a martial-arts instructor. Not, I repeat, NOT an agent. Really. Trust us. But don't tell your wife about this job. Oh, this is Ryoga; he's one of our couriers...

[untitled] (Mighty Space Miners) I like this anime a lot, and it's always irked me that they never finished it... so maybe I'll have to.

The Conshelf Project (original): Anime-flavor hard-SF tales set in an undersea R&D complex in 2020.

Asterix in China (Asterix/Ranmaverse fusionish thing) Asterix and Obelix, on their way back to Gaul in the year 40 BC or so, drop in on Jusenkyo instead. *toc toc* "These Chinese are crazy."

[untitled] (Ai Yori Aoshi divergence) Kaoru has come home to his apartment with Aoi, only to discover that Miyabi moved all his things to some Sakuraba house without his knowledge or consent while he was out. Meekly going along with this arrogant plan is out of the question, of course, but now what? Life won't be easy, even with Aoi at his side.


As usual, I can be reached at seifertv@csus.edu if you wish to harangue me about any of this. :)