If you guessed Lodi, you're correct. This California Wine Tourism  postcard-perfect view is of Abundance Vineyards. Abundance has just opened a new tasting room and is just one of over fifty wineries in the Lodi region. Flat-land vineyards dominate this region, visually distinctive for its lack of hillsides. Hotter than most wine-growing regions, the inland Delta formed by the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers provides natural cooling that allows for successful grape growing. Still, heat-loving grapes like Zinfandel dominate, and each spring, ZinFest celebrates the region's star wine. The Lodi Wine and Visitor Center is one of the few successful centers of this type in the state, and tourists to the region will want to make a stop there as part of their trip, before visiting wineries like Jessie's Grove and Klinker Brink Winery, which features the Old Ghost - a zinfandel with a surprising  and mysterious legend.
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