ComS 5 The Communication Experience, Dr. Mark Stoner
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Survey of Communication Study

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Secondary text (online version only):

Communication in the Real World: An Introduction to Communication Studies, v. 1.0  by Richard G. Jones Jr.

Resource Texts (online version only)

Topical Readings (from Beyond Intractability)

Public Speaking (see other resources to help with your speaking below)
Stand Up, Speak Out  by Jason S. Wrench, Anne Goding, Danette Ifert Johnson, and Bernardo A. Attias
Other Resources for Speaking (online book)

Presentation Tool Box  (web site) This useful page provides excellent tips in very brief "articles" that you will find engaging.

Poster Presentation Assistant  (web site) Poster sessions have been used in business for some time; increasingly they are being used in academia. This site provides useful direction for construction of and use of an informative poster. (University of Newcastle, UK)

    Mass Media
Understanding Media and Culture: An introduction to Mass Communication by Jack Lule (online book)

    Social Psychology
Principles of Social Psychology by Charles Stangor (online book)