My Research

CO in Dwarf Galaxies

This is one of my main areas of astrophysical research.  For additional reading, check out this reading list,
featuring papers by myself and others. (This means you, Mark Rodgers!).

Here is a press release from January 2003 about my research on carbon monoxide in dwarf galaxies.
This work was done in collaboration with Fabian Walter and Nick Scoville.

Infra-red Observations of Dwarf Galaxies

This is an area in which I have not yet worked, but one that I think will be very important in the future,
especially with the arrival of the Spitzer Space Telescope.  For more info on infra-red observations of
dwarf galaxies, see this reading list.

For Kris Karas, I've got a reading list about the connection between dwarf irregulars and dwarf ellipticals.

Tidal Dwarf Galaxies

My collaborator, Glen Petitpas, and I are currently working on a paper about CO observations of
tidal dwarf galaxies.  These are new galaxies, believed to be forming out of tidal debris during close
interactions between gas rich spiral galaxies.  I have prepared a reading list of published papers on
the subject of tidal dwaf galaxies.

More information on tidal dwarf galaxies is available at John Hibbard's web site.

Chris Taylor :