Adam Telleen, Ph.D.

Adam near the summit of Bear Creek Spire

Adam Telleen has a Ph.D. in Plant Biology with an emphasis in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of California, Davis. He also did his undergraduate work at UC Davis, earning a B.S. degree in Biotechnology with a plant emphasis in 2000. Over his academic career, he has worked in several research labs studying a variety of plant systems including Arabidopsis, cotton, rice, and tomato and employing varied approaches from field work to molecular techniques and bioinformatics.

In addition, he has mentored numerous graduate, undergraduate, and high school students in the laboratory, which made him realize that teaching, not research, was his true calling. Currently, Adam is focusing primarily on teaching as an Adjunct Professor at both California State University, Sacramento and American River College. When he isn't teaching, he is usually hanging out with his cats, playing guitar, reading, hiking, or climbing mountains. He lives in Woodland with his wife and cats.

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Seah S, Telleen AC, and Williamson VM (2007) Introgressed and endogenous Mi-1 gene clusters in tomato differ by complex rearrangements in flanking sequences and show sequence exchange and diversifying selection among homologues.
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 114(7): 1289-1302.
Telleen AC, van Os GMA, Wrobel RL, Hwang CF, and Williamson VM, Investigation of function and expression of site-directed mutagenesis and domain-swap mutations of the root-knot nematode resistance gene Mi-1, American Society of Plant Biologists,
Western Section Meeting University of California Davis, 2-3 February 2007 (Poster).