They are located at 145 East Magnolia in El Cajon, California.


Virtual Tour and Sociological Introduction

 to Unarius Academy of Science

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by Diana G. Tumminia, Ph.D.

Leading academic scholar on Unarius

California State University, Sacramento





Common Misprints about Unarius




The Unarius Academy of Science is a contactee group in El Cajon, California.

I classify Unarius as a contactee religion, but they define themselves as a science, albeit spiritual science. Contactees communicate telepathically or clairvoyantly with beings from other planets.

Unarius has always denied that it is a religion, or even a philosophy.  While Unariuns would say that they are not religious, they would admit that they are spiritual, scientifically spiritual, that is. This link explains their way of thinking:

My Photoshop depiction of the Unarius Space Brother ships hovering above Earth.


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The Unarius Science of Life was cofounded by Ernest L. Norman (1904-1971), also called the Archangel Raphiel or the Moderator, and Ruth E. Norman (1900-1993) or Archangel Uriel in 1954 in Los Angeles.  When Ernest Norman died in 1971, Ruth headed the organization and carried on his legacy by incorporating into a non-profit educational organization 1974.  In 1975, Unarius acquired the building that houses the center today.  After Ruth Norman (Uriel) died in 1993,  Charles Spiegel or Antares  (1921-1999) guided the organization.  Subsequent to his unexpected death, a board of directors comprised of Unariun students rose to the challenge of continuing the Unariun Mission.  Unarius holds two annual celebrations: the anniversary of the cofounding of Unarius in February and the Interplanetary Conclave of Light in October.

Inside the Center

In sociological circles, Unarius is known for its prophecy of Space Brother arrivals, the last of which predicted a 2001 landing. Why didn't the Space Brothers Land in 2001? Unarius' answer

Here are some other beliefs: Reincarnation, Past Lives, Progressive Evolution, Interdimensional Science, Self-Healing through use of the Unarius Science (Past Life Therapy), Life after Death, Higher Worlds, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Coming of Space Brothers who will usher in a New Age, Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation (both a book title and an ideological concept).

Some notable practices are: Past Life Therapy, Channeling (called Developing Clairvoyance and Creativity in Unarius), Psychic Reading, Attending Classes, Psychodrama, Volunteer Service to the Academy.

Read the whole story in When Prophecy Never Fails by Diana G. Tumminia.   For more information on the Academy’s view, read Countdown to the Landing online.


The Star Center room with murals of Atlantis

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Questions and Answers from the CESNUR Tour

July 16, 2006

Rebecca Moore of San Diego State and Massimo Introvigne of CESNUR posed in front of the display of the Star Map on the wall of the Unarius Academy.


Q & A: Diana Tumminia's answers based on her research and knowledge of the Unariun perspective.


Q: Why is there so much Greek statuary in the center?

A: The columns and statuary represent high culture and civilization. The Space Brothers and the Normans (as Space Brothers in past lives) brought spiritual intelligence and high civilization to benighted societies. Ruth Norman had past lives as Socrates and two different leaders on Atlantis, represented symbolically by the Golden Age of Greece theme.


Q: Did the Space Brothers impregnate earth females and create the genesis of the human race?

A: No, not as I understand the narrative.  The Unariun Brothers came in ships and inspired the primitive people who were already here.  Other contactee and certian abductee groups focus on alien genesis.  Unarius' cosmology is slightly different.


Q: How do Unariuns channel?

A: Usually in a relaxed manner by sitting (or less frequently standing) quietly and "attuning to the Unariun Brotherhood." Often they lower lights and speak in a subdued voice.


Q: Where's Spiegel's picture on the Academy's walls?

A: He is represented allegorically in some paintings: 1) Uriel enlightening Satan (Spiegel) and 2) Atahualpa and Pizarro (Spiegel).


Q: How many past lives did Uriel live?

A: Many, over fifty are known to Unarius. For instance, Queen Hatshepsut, Isis of Egypt, Ensat of Atlantis, Mumtaz Mahal (of the Taj Mahal), Atahualpa of the Inca, among others. She incarnated last as Ruth Norman.


Q: Why the picture of the Mona Lisa?

A: According to Unarius, the real Mona Lisa was Uriel and Leonardo da Vinci (Archangel Michiel) painted her.


Q: Why is Nikola Tesla's picture on the wall?

A: He overshadows Unarius through his role in the Spiritual Hierarchy as Archangel Michiel, who once incarnated as Nikola Tesla.


Q: Are the Space Brothers just of the male gender?

A: No, in Unarius both genders are called Space Brothers. See the appendix in my book on the leaders of the Interplanetary Confederacy and the stories of the planets.


Q: How many ships are supposed to come?

A: One ship from Myton which carries Brothers called Muons. They will be the first wave. They are not part of the Interplanetary Confederation, but serve as helpers to their cause. Then when the way has been prepared, 33 more ships will touch down on land set aside by Unarius in Jamul, California.  Of the 33 ships, 32 carry scientists from other parts of the Milky Way and one extra ship with scientists will be a gift to represent Earth in the confederation (since we haven't constructed one yet).


Q: Is it Unarian or Unariun?

A: Unarius uses the spelling Unariun. Others, especially outsiders like me, use Unarian as a spelling. For outsiders, Unariun seems an unlikely spelling, according to English rules of spelling.


Q: Is Unarius like Heaven's Gate? Are they all going to kill themselves?

A: No, Unarius Science warns against suicide.


Q: Are there other groups like Unarius?

A: There are other contactee religions with some similarities and many differences. See my Space Page. I found about 25 contactee religions of note and innumerable contactee groups in research for my upcoming book.


Q: Where are the children?

A: Some adolescents have periodically joined Unarius with a parent.  Children are welcome, although, generally, Unarius does not have children running about the center. The Science takes commitment and study, an endeavor more oriented to adults and responsible young people.


Q: Dr. T, do you believe in Space Brothers and flying saucers?

A: No, I am an ethnographer who tries to bring a written picture of the people I study to those who read my research.  I know that there are UFOs, but I do not know what they are. I have written about other groups, like Hare Krishna and MSIA, yet people love to read about Unarius more than my other research, which also includes the genocide of California Indians. I am also putting out a new book on contactee religions.


Q: Dr. T, why are you interested in UFOs?

A: I am not. My background is in social psychology. I am more interested in how people interpret symbols and meaning. Describing the ways people interpret reality is part of social psychology.

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Common Misprints About

Unarius Academy of Science

Time to clear up some mistakes that have been written about Unarius.

Some writers copy erroneous information from the New Religious Movements Page. That webpage and its group profiles were created by Jeff Hadden's students who gleaned secondary knowledge from written sources that had already printed errors. In some cases they spoke to the groups they profiled, but information still got goofed up. These well-meaning students sometimes mixed-up facts and transposed information, a problem that any writer has.

I volunteered to revise the Unarius group profile on the New Religious Movements page to remove the misinformation.  So far, the process has been slow and we are still revising.

In the interim, I would like to point out errors that are in process of being corrected.

Most of these have to do with the Unariun belief system that I have studied since 1986 as a sociologist and observer.  This research and its findings are detailed in my book, When Prophecy Never Fails (2005) Oxford University Press.

Mistake #1: The website states that Ernest Norman was Satan in a past life.  This is a misprint.  Please correct any of your research files and mirrored websites.

Correction: According to the Unarian Science, Ernest Norman, cofounder of Unarius, was Jesus in a past life.  Big Difference, huh?

How could the website be wrong? Because the student writer transposed information.

Correct: Charles Spiegel was told by Uriel that he was Satan in a past life. After a long period of study, Uriel/Ruth Norman renamed him as Antares and declared "Satan is No More!"


Mistake #2:  The website states that when Ernest Norman died he went to live on Mars.  This is a misprint. Please correct any of your research files and mirrored websites.

Correct: When Ernest Norman died, he shook off his physical body but did not go to live on Mars.

How could the website be wrong? Because the student writer transposed information. This is a misprint. Please correct any of your research files and mirrored websites.

Correction: Ernest Norman channeled (clairvoyantly viewed) Mars and spoke with beings there. This information is in the The Truth About Mars (1956).

Some may ask where is Ernest Norman now? Since the consciousness that overshadowed him was and is a high-frequency energy that energy is part of the Higher Worlds. Unarius gives no specific location for him because his intelligent energy may be in a high place that humans have no knowledge of or how it would be described.


Mistake #3: in the New Religious Movements webpage, the Space Brothers are referred to as the Pledeians.

Correction: Only part of the Space Brothers are from the Pleiades.

The Muons, who will be the first wave according to Unarius, are from the Pleiades. The other Brothers are from different parts of the Milky Way Galaxy. The other Space Brothers are bringing a spacefleet of 33 ships and will make themselves known when the time is right, according to the Unariun prediction.


More errors? Yes, but they are minor compared to these whoppers.  Some times Unarius is called a UFO cult.  Hopefully, the new page will emerge soon.

I also will post some thoughts on the cult stereotype on the new page. Cult is a loaded word nowadays; I prefer the term new religious movement or, in this case, contactee religion. People now use "cult" to authomatically condemn something they do not understand.

I am not a fan of other writings about Unarius, which ridicule it. Using mainstream science as a reference point, their science appears unconventional.  As a religion, its beliefs do not seem any more or less fantastic than other religions.  Most of us are more accustomed to the extraordinary beliefs of traditional religions and, thus, we do not suffer from culture shock when dealing with those beliefs.

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My motivation in posting this:

I want to clear up misinformation that should have been corrected many years ago.  I hope the new and improved group profile of the Unarius Academy of Science will be up soon to help erase the errors in print and on the Internet.


Above is my Photoshop depiction of Uriel as Commander of the Spacefleet. Carl Jung wrote that flying saucers were archetypal images.

One of the classes at Unarius is art therapy. By using one's artistic abilities, a student can tap into creativity and express some psychological freedom.  Unarius credits spiritual inspiration as the source of all creativity. Art and book transmissions are thought to be inspired by the Unariun Brothers. By book transmissions, I mean that the Unariun books were not so much written but voiced by channeling and then transcribed.

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Photos used by permission of Unarius



According to Unarius Ernest Norman was Jesus.


Ernest Norman channeled the principles of the Science.

Ernest Norman channeled  The Voice of Venus published  in 1956.



Ruth Norman co-founded Unarius in 1954 with her husband



Ruth Norman established Unarius as a nonprofit educational institution in 1974.


Charles Spiegel (Antares) served as coordinator after Ruth Norman died. He passed away in 1999.


Ruth Norman was the Mona Lisa and also Mary of Bethany (wrongly called Mary Magdalene).



Ruth Norman in front of the Star Map when lit up.


Unariun Star Map

depicts the spiritual connections of the 33 planets in the Interplanetary Confederation (which includes Earth).


Welcome Space Brothers!


On the subject of misprints on the New Religious Movements webpage:


The Space Brothers are inappropriately described as



Space Brothers or Pleiadeans?


Muons are from the Pleiades.


The members of the Interplanetary Confederation come from other places in the Milky Way.



More info?

See my book.



What fuels the spacships?

Free cosmic energy


Why didn't the Space Brothers Land in 2001?

Unarius' answer

click above


Depiction of Commander Alta who heads the Space Brother's Interplanetary Fleet.

His messages have been channeled among others of the Unariun Brotherhood


Foundational Book:

Infinite Concept of Cosmic Consciousness


Ernest Norman channeled The Truth About Mars published in 1956


Welcome Space Brothers!





On the subject of misprints on the New Religious Movements webpage:


The Space Brothers are inappropriately described as



Space Brothers or Pleiadeans?


Muons are from the Pleiades.


The members of the Interplanetary Confederation come from other places in the Milky Way.



Some of the misprints may be caused by unfamiliarity with the Unarius cosmology and history.




Some misprints may be caused by stereotyping the organization.



Copying other mistakes.

Some misinformation comes from webpages, scholars, authors, students, and journalists.