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The following is a list of the courses that I teach a semester basis.

  • Nutrition and Wellness (FACS 10):

    Introduction to the basic principles of nutrition and the relationship of the human diet to health. Overview of the nutrition profession, the biological uses of nutrients and tools for dietary planning. Examination of specific issues such as weight loss, sports nutrition, food safety, the diet-disease relationship and global nutrition. Analysis of special nutritional requirements and needs during the life cycle. Evaluation of personal dietary habits using current dietary guidelines and nutritional assessment methods.
    Link to Course Syllabus

  • Principles of Food Preparation (FACS 11):

    Study of basic principles of food preparation. Emphasis on selection and storage of food, safety and sanitation, and techniques of preparation to maintain quality and nutritive value. Laboratory includes preparation and evaluation of individual food products.
    Link to Course Syllabus

  • Food Safety and Sanitation (FACS 109):

    Introduction to Food safety principles and application, microbiology of food safety, infection control, and safety issues. Examination of laws and regulations related to consumer and foodservice operations. Preparation for national foodservice sanitation certification examination.
    Link to Course Syllabus

  • Foodservice Management (FACS 116):

    Study of the commercial and noncommercial food service industry. Principles of quantity food production and quality assurance, procurement and delivery; safety and sanitation, and management of finances, human resources, facilities and equipment. Legislation and computer applications in the industry. Includes experiences in a food service production facility. Lecture, discussion, three hours; filed work, three hours. Prerequisite: FACS 11
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