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Technology continues to bridge on-campus and remote teaching and learning.

As Sacramento State continues to emerge from COVID-19 closures, campus is hosting a variety of simultaneous teaching and learning modalities: in-person, hybrid, and some still fully remote. However you’re planning to deliver instruction, we’ve rounded up the essential technology resources, links, and support to help you transition confidently.

Essentials for Spring 2022

Teaching with Technology

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Accessible Course Design & Materials Resources & Support

Workstation Refresh

laptop graphicUsing HEERF funds, we've been busy working with colleges and divisions to provide updated laptops, docking stations and monitors for almost half of campus staff and faculty. Strategically moving away from fixed desktop computers in favor of a laptop standard will help ensure continuity for remote teaching under both expected — and unexpected — circumstances!

Digital Transformation Tools

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New OnBase forms and workflows, including the most requested PTF forms!

  • Employee Personnel Transaction Form
  • Academic Student Employee Personnel Transaction Form
  • Student Employee Personnel Transaction Form

OnBase How To's

Professional Development

Report Phishing

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Cyberattacks hit inboxes frequently - brush up on what to look for at our online phishing resources, and be sure to report anything suspicious using the PhishMe Reporter button in your Outlook menu.

For Your Students

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Academic Technology Resources

Your IRT Academic Technology Center (ATC) Team specializes in the instructional and academic research technologies you're using today - and is excited to show you the new tools of tomorrow! They're the go-to resource for:

  • Learning instructional technology tools - in and out of the classroom
  • Empowering you to use the technology supporting in-person, hybrid, and hyflex modalities
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles
  • Creating digitally accessible, inclusive course materials to support all learners
  • Course material remediation support
  • Collaborative faculty support programming and learning communities in partnership with the Center for Teaching and Learning

Check out hours for drop-in virtual support sessions and upcoming forums and events, or schedule a one-on-one consultation:

If you haven't already, bookmark their Online Teaching Resources (OTR) guide. This constantly updated online guide provides in-depth how to's on using technology tools, self-paced resources, specific time of semester support, and more!

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Instructional Technology Tools

In addition to the Academic Continuity Resources, the ATC gathered links to the essential academic instruction and research technology tools you use most frequently.

They also feature an at-a-glance Instructional Technology Matrix that breaks out the functionality and use cases for each tool.

Instructional & Academic Research Tools

Classroom Technology

Traditional, Hybrid, HyFlex - learn how to use the exciting new technology upgrades in University learning spaces. Check out DIY and consultation opportunities:

New Classroom Technologies and How to Use Them

In-Person Consultation

Want to test out what's new? Schedule a consultation with the IRT Academic Technology Center (ATC) team, where you can practice with the tools within an on-campus training room.

Schedule an ATC Consultation

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Hybrid Meetings

Web Conferencing Tools

graphic: hybrid meeting tips staff faculty flyer

Stay connected through campus-supported online and web-based tools to conduct formal and informal meetings with colleagues, or use via the Canvas integration for recording and sharing course sessions. Visit each tool to learn how to's for scheduling, attending, and how to use advanced features including live transcription for accessibility.

While designed with campus staff and faculty attendees in mind, the "Hybrid Meetings: How To's for Hosting & Attending" flyer includes helpful tips for structuring remote learning recordings to help optimize student access and engagement. Also visit the Zoom faculty resources for a deeper dive.

Hybrid Meetings: How To's for Hosting & Attending

Laptop & Equipment Checkout

Whether you're on campus using your own device (BYOD), are using a department-issued University-managed device, or have a long-term loan through the Laptop Checkout program, the Laptop & Equipment Checkout Program will continue to be a resource for you.

Device Checkout Guidelines

  • No longer need the device(s)? Please return whatever is unneeded to either your department or to the IRT Service Desk Team at your soonest convenience to help create opportunities for our campus community.
  • Still need it? If you continue to need a checked out device or equipment for any remote teaching purposes, please arrange for longer checkout.
  • Need new/different equipment? You can request equipment - such as a webcam, internet hotspot (for a limited time), and headphones - which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Laptop & Equipment Checkout Requests, Returns & Support

Internet Connection Options

On campus, your devices should automatically recognize and connect to eduroam, our official campus internet. If you have new devices - or just new to being on campus - our campus wireless section covers device-specific connection instructions.

In addition to on-campus options, the campus closure necessitated additional options for supporting remote operations. Whether on-campus or working remotely, learn more about off-campus alternatives.

Campus Wireless & Remote Internet Options

Wi-Fi 6 and Expanded Campus Coverage

We continue to upgrade more campus buildings to the new standard, Wi-Fi 6. Depending on the age of your personal device(s) you bring to campus, you may need to do some driver updates.

Find out which buildings offer this even faster internet connection, and what you need to know to ensure your devices such as laptops and mobile phones can tap in!

Which Campus Buildings have Wi-Fi 6?

In addition, the IRT Network Team has been hard at work expanding campus coverage to help facilitate outdoor activities and studies.

View Campus Wi-Fi Map

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