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Adobe Sign FAQ

Adobe Sign is a cloud-based e-signature service for faculty and staff to easily send, sign, track, and manage signature processes using a browser or mobile device. Here are some FAQs to get you started.

For support or questions about Adobe Sign, contact IRT ServiceNow or Adobe Sign Learn & Support.

If you are a Sac State faculty and staff member unable to log into Adobe Sign, please contact IRT ServiceNow.

Adobe Sign Roles

What is the signer role?

Signers are required to apply at least one signature to an agreement. This role is the default recipient role.

What is the sender role?

Users who have requested the sender role can send a document(s) for one or more signatures.

Login and Access

Are there tips and tricks for logging in to Adobe Sign (Adobe Sign enterprise account)?

  • An Adobe Sign enterprise account has been provisioned to all Faculty and Staff.
  • The recommended way to access Adobe sign is by logging into My Sac State at and clicking on the Adobe Link under the Faculty/Staff related links or use the URL
  • Do not use the URL to log in to Adobe Sign. The links for e-signatures and Adobe Sign for business do not take you to your Sac State Adobe Sign enterprise account.
  • When logging in to Adobe Sign, you should use your published email address as shown in the online Campus Directory at
  • If Adobe Sign prompts you to create an account, do not create a new account. Stop and follow the instructions for logging into your Adobe Sign enterprise account.
  • If you have verified your published email address and are still having issues, then contact the IRT Service Desk for assistance.

How do I sign in to Adobe Sign?

Login to the My Sac State portal

  1. Under the Faculty/Staff Related Links, click on Adobe Sign
  2. The Adobe Sign Login page will display
    1. In the email address line, type in your Sac State login credentials including the (ex.
    2. Click Continue
  3. You will see an Adobe Sign splash screen as it routes you to the Adobe Sign homepage
  4. The Adobe Sign homepage will display

Why don’t I see Adobe Sign after I login to the My Sac State portal?

In most case you will need to refresh your web browser once you login to My Sac State. For the Safari browser, you will need to clear your cache.

Do I have access to Adobe Sign?

All Sac State faculty and staff have access to prepare and send a form in Adobe Sign.

Why is my account deactivated?

There is a known issue with Adobe Sign, where users account can sometimes become deactivated. If this occurs, contact the IRT Service Desk, and one of our Adobe Sign Administrators will assist you with getting your account reactivated.

Why does Adobe Sign prompt me to create an account? Do I need to create one?

Your Adobe Sign account has been automatically provisioned for you. You do not need to create an account even though you may occasionally see prompts to do so. Please follow the instructions on how to log into your Adobe Sign enterprise account.

Why do I have fewer options/features than my peers?

You may have logged into a personal Adobe Sign account. Check to see that the Sacramento State Powered by Adobe Sign Logo is in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. If you do not see the logo, then you are logged into a personal account. The personal account should not be used to conduct University business. You will need to log out and follow the instruction to log into your Adobe Sign enterprise account.

Why am I being prompted to log in to an Adobe Sign personal account?

If you see a password prompt from Adobe Sign to log in to a personal account and not the Sacramento State Single Sign on screen, you are not logging into your enterprise account. Stop and follow the instructions on how to login to your Adobe Sign enterprise account.

Why is it important to use Sacramento State Faculty, Staff, and Students published email address when I send out documents for signature?

When sending documents for signature for Sacramento State Employees and Students, it is critical that you send the document(s) to the individual's published email address. Sending a document for signature to a person's alternate email address will cause Adobe Sign to create a personal/non-enterprise account automatically. We highly recommend that you first verify the email address at

Could I use Adobe Sign as the primary storage for completed agreements?

We recommend that you do not use Adobe Sign as your primary storage for completed agreements. You should download competed agreements to your local storage location and then hide them in Adobe Sign. To see how to hide your document use

Mobile Device Usage

Can I use my mobile device to sign a form?

Yes! Adobe Sign works from all major mobile devices and tablets without needing the Adobe Sign application downloaded.

Can I send a document for signature from my mobile device?

Yes! The Adobe Sign application is available for download from the Apple Store or Google Play. Once the application is downloaded on your mobile device, you can login using your Sac State login credentials.

Adobe Sign & Email

Why do emails come from when using Adobe Sign?

Adobe Sign uses a specific domain for their emails. This cannot be changed.

How do I organize and manage my Adobe Sign emails in Outlook?

Create a folder, and sub-folders in Outlook to help you organize the Adobe Sign emails sent from After you create the folder and sub-folders, use rules to help manage it. Download a step-by-step guide to create folders and rules for Adobe Sign emails.

  1. Create and use folders and sub-folders to organize your Adobe Sign emails.
    • Create a top level folder called Adobe Sign
    • Create five subfolders within this folder named:
      • New Requests
      • Done Signing
      • Completed
      • Reminders
      • Other
  2. Create the six rules in the table below to help manage your Adobe Sign emails by automatically sorting them to the folders you just created in Step 1.
Rule From Subject Contains Move Item To Folder
1 signature requested New Requests
2 confirm your signature New Requests
3 you signed: Done Signing
4 Is signed and filed! Completed
5 has been created Completed
6 Reminder: Waiting for you Reminders

General Information

Why did I receive an email notification from Adobe Sign about "Your New Adobe Sign Account"?

Users who have a pre-existing Account using their Sac State email address will receive an email notification requesting that they archive their account or change their email address.

These users will lose their existing agreements if they do not select one of the two options provided by Adobe Sign. Users will need to either select ARCHIVE their account or CHANGE EMAIL address to be added to the Enterprise Account. We recommend using the steps for the Archive process.

Steps for Users for ARCHIVE process.

  1. Check inbox for above email. (if not found, check Spam / junk folder)
  2. Click on “Archive” if you do not want to retain.
  3. Go to and login with your Adobe credentials to login to document cloud.
  4. Download all agreements you have sent / signed.
  5. Go back to your email inbox and click on “Archive” button.
  6. Confirm Archival process.
  7. This will add the user into the Enterprise Sign Account.
  8. Use for all future logins
    (If users can provide email Consent to your organization or to us directly, we can archive the accounts get them added to your account without the need for users to take any action on the email)

Steps for Users for CHANGE EMAIL process.

  1. Check inbox for above email. (if not found, check Spam / junk folder)
  2. Click on “Change Email” if you want to retain the account for future reference (for viewing signed / sent documents).
  3. Click on “Create new Adobe ID.”
  4. Follow the instructions to create a new Adobe and transfer all your contents.
  5. Upon successfully completing the above step, your company email ID will be added to your Enterprise Account.
  6. Use for all future logins.

Can I use Adobe Sign for any form that needs signatures?

Department, college, or division forms that are typically printed and signed should go through Adobe Sign. Paper-based forms that are typically sent by mail, email or campus mail that require a wet signature should transition to Adobe Sign.

Can I print the documents in Adobe Sign?

Yes, there is the ability to print the documents in Adobe Sign.

Will I have access to my completed documents after it routes for signature(s)?

Yes! If you were a participant (sender, signer (recipient), or even a CC’d party) with an Adobe Sign agreement, the document will be available on your Manage page.

The Manage page also allows you to monitor the document(s) status that is In Progress, Waiting for You, Complete, Canceled, Expired, and Draft.

Can I cancel a document after I send it?

Yes! As the Sender, you will be able to cancel the document only if it has not been signed by the Signer (recipient). If the Signer has signed the document, then you will not be able to cancel it.