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Akindi is a web-based assessment system that automates the creation and grading of multiple-choice examinations.

Unlike Scantron’s system that uses proprietary scanners and paper, Akindi allows users to use any scanner and any sheet of paper. This saves students, educators, and educational institutions thousands to tens of thousands of dollars annually currently spent on sheets, Scantron scanners, and maintenance.

Test Scanning Resources


Currently, Akindi is only available to Faculty who utilize the current IRT Scantron scanning service provided by the IRT Service Desk. If you have used the IRT Service Desk for scanning scantrons in past you can request to have Akindi enabled for your Canvas courses or choose to use Akindi without integrating with Canvas.

Enabling Akindi For Your Canvas course

With Canvas & Akindi integrated you will automatically be able to transfer the results directly back to an existing assignment or exam. To get started, submit a request to the IRT Service Desk to enable your Canvas courses with Akindi. You can also choose to use Akindi without sending the results back to Canvas.

Please email the or submit a service request to enable Akindi and include the course name/section that you wish to have enabled with the Akindi external tool.

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