International Student Ambassadors



International Student Ambassadors assist with:

  • Supporting new International Student Orientation
  • Participating in orientation workshops and informational sessions
  • Cultural/Social Event Planning
  • Leading Campus/Community Tours
  • Answering questions on campus and community resources
  • Helping with activities and events
  • Campus Outreach & Marketing


Name: Xin Zhen (Ray) Goh 

Major: BS Computer Science 

Hometown:  Malaysia 

Language: English, Mandarin, Malay 

Advice to New Students: Adapting to a new environment will definitely be a challenge so always stay optimistic, be confident, be yourself and keep your heads up.

Name: Mahesh Govindane 

Major: MS EEE 

Hometown:  Pondicherry, India 

Language: English, Tamil. 

Advice to New Students: Get involved in School. The best way to get to know people in college is to get involved. There are a lot of ways to do that in college: join clubs, volunteer. Not only it will help you get to know other students, but it helps you connect with faculty and even people outside of school. And the relationships you create can be a lifelong, priceless 

Name: Hannah Reyes 

Major: BA Psychology 

Hometown:  Bulacan, Philippines 

Language: English, Tagalog 

Advice to New Students: My advice to new students is to use their resources all around campus as much as possible. As a transfer student, I know how hard it is to adjust to a new school & using the resources offered to know more information has helped me tremendously.

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