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Newly admitted students will be notified by email once an admission decision has been made. You will receive a Welcome Packet and I-20 or SEVIS transfer instructions (if currently studying at another institution in F-1 status and have indicated you would like to transfer) to the mailing address stated on your application. There are the four delivery options for receiving your acceptance package:

Option 1: Express mail using eShipGlobal (Recommended)

eShipGlobal can be used for both international (3-5 days) and domestic (1-3 days) delivery. Choose this option for express delivery using either FedEx, DHL or UPS.

  • You will need:
    • Your Sacramento State student ID number
    • Mailing address (cannot be a P.O. Box)
    • Your e-mail address
    • Your phone number
    • Credit card information (Visa, Mastercard or Discover cards only)
  • Go to eShipGlobal and select "Student/Scholars", then "Sign Up" at the bottom of the page
  • Create an account and pay for express service from Sacramento State
  • eShipGlobal will notify IPGE that you requested your package to be sent by express mail.
  • Your order tracking information will be available from eShipGlobal. FedEx and DHL will not have this information available on their websites.
  • If you have difficulties, please visit eShipGlobal's Help page. You can also e-mail questions to support@eshipglobal.com.

Option 2: Send by regular USPS international airmail

IPGE will send your Welcome Packet and I-20 via overseas airmail free of charge. Shipping time will vary based on location but generally, takes between 2-5 weeks. Tracking is not available for this option. To select this option, complete the section on your application indicating the overseas address of where you would like it sent.

Option 3: Send by regular domestic mail

Delivery within the U.S. is free of charge. Shipping time generally takes 2-5 days. Tracking is not available for this option. If you choose this option, please ensure that you will be able to receive mail at this address for at least 2 months after submitting your application. Complete the section on your application indicating the domestic address where you would like it sent.

Option 4: Pick up I-20 at IPGE (If you are in the US)

If someone you know will pick up your form I-20 in person, provide the name of that person and his or her phone number in the space provided on your application. We will call that person when your documents are ready to be picked up. That person will be required to show a photo ID.

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