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Classes at Sacramento State

Most classes offered at Sacramento State meet for a total of 150 minutes per week and are assigned an academic value of three units. Some classes meet just once a week (usually in the evenings) for 150 minutes while others meet Tuesdays and Thursdays (seventy-five minutes for each class meeting) or Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (fifty minutes each class meeting). Classes valued at more than three units require a greater investment of time (the class may have a laboratory, research or problem-solving component).

Most professors, during the first class session, will outline their course requirements, grading system, and expected classroom behavior. They will also announce the hours during which they will be available for private consultation called "office hours". If you have any difficulties understanding classroom requirements or course content, or simply have a question regarding material which you have been studying, you are encouraged to visit you professor during office hours.

Many professors will give two examinations: a midterm and a final. They may also require students to write a research paper and/or to turn in homework assignments for grades. Professors will usually explain in detail what kind of tests will be given (essay, true/false, multiple choice, etc.) and how they will be graded. they will also outline acceptable research paper topics, specified formats, length, and deadlines. 

Academic degree requirements fall into three categories: (1) Major requirements, (2) General Education, and (3) all other university requirements such as Writing Proficiency and State Code requirements (History and Government).

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