Web Accessibility

Best Practices

  • Use an approved WCM Templates
  • Provide meaningful ALTernate text for images
  • Use headings, lists, and paragraphs
  • Properly label tables
  • Only use tables for tabular data, and never for design purposes
  • Use good linking practices
  • Make sure videos are captioned

Testing for Accessibility

WAVE (toolbar)
Free evaluation tool that analyzes your page and puts graphics where it finds accessibility errors, warnings, and features. Great tool for getting a quicklook at a page.

Sac State has a site license for JAWS, a leading screen reader. Use it for testing your site (or to experience the web as a blind person might). Contact your ITC if JAWS is not installed on your computer. 

Siteimprove is a web based application that allows you to find accessibility issues on your site, as well as broken links and misspellings. View the help site or request access  to get started. 

Web Checklist
View common items to keep in mind when designing websites.