Laptop Checkout

General Checkout Guidelines

  • Laptops/devices can be checked out for four (4) hours at a time. 
  • Laptops/devices cannot be reserved in advance. 
  • Only one (1) laptop/device can be checked out at a time. 
  • Checkouts are available in-person using your campus OneCard.
  • Laptops/devices require authentication with your SacLink username and password.  
  • Devices cannot be removed from or used off-campus. 
  • Laptops must be returned to their original checkout location 30 minutes before closing for Union and AIRC 2004 checkouts and one (1) hour before closing for the Library. 
  • Late fees will be assessed if you are unable to return the laptop/device by its check-in time.
  • Accessories including Mac adapters, video, and audio cables are available on a first-come first-serve basis at the IRT 24/7 Computer Lab in AIRC 2004, and the 1st floor Library Service Desk.

Requirements for Laptop Checkout

  • Must be a currently registered Sacramento State Undergraduate or Graduate student, and must be in good standing with the University Library. 
  • Must have an active SacLink account to use a laptop/device, and access the campus wireless and wired network. 
  • Must present a current Sacramento State OneCard upon checkout.

Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Equipment

As a borrower, you will be required to reimburse Sacramento State for the cost of repairing or replacing the laptop/device if it is damaged, lost, stolen or not returned while checked out in your name. If the laptop/device is lost or stolen, you will be charged a minimum replacement fee of $2,000. If it is damaged, you’re responsible for any repair costs. Please refer to the Loan Agreement and Use Policy for the conditions of use.


To contest a fee or hold, please visit the location where your checkout occurred.