IT Advisory Board

The IT Advisory Board provides special consultation to the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer and will help prioritize divisional IT projects based on alignment with campus strategic goals and other needs.

Information Resources & Technology (IRT) asks campus Vice Presidents to appoint a representative from his or her division to serve a 2-year term; terms may be renewed if desired. IRT also includes representatives from the Faculty Senate, ASI, and a few other areas on campus to help ensure broad participation. Each IT Advisory Board Member should be able to contribute a division and campus-wide perspective, share information about campus technology needs and perceptions, and provide feedback on IRT strategies and plans. The IT Advisory Board will meet on a monthly basis during the Academic Year.

IT Advisory Board Members

  • Christine Miller – IRT
  • Mark Hendricks - IRT
  • Vacant – Academic Affairs
  • Rich Keegan – AITC
  • Gina Curry – ABA
  • Vacant – ASI
  • Don Hunt – Student Affairs
  • Amy Kautzman – Ex Officio
  • Tracy Newman - Advancement
  • Bao Johri – IRT
  • Chris Miller – Ex Officio
  • Jen Schwedler – IRT
  • Vacant - USA
  • Jack Vaughn – Public Affairs
  • Vacant – Human Resources