Students outside with laptop

The mission of the Information Resources & Technology (IRT) division is to support the strategic initiatives of Sacramento State through effective and seamless integration of information technology into all appropriate campus functions. IRT is a customer service organization, which considers responding to the strategic IT needs of its many clients to be of paramount importance.

The following four strategic areas of campus life are supported by IRT:

  • Effective teaching and learning;
  • Quality student life;
  • Administrative productivity and quality; and
  • Secure and accessible IT resources for all.

The following core values are promoted in all the work undertaken by IRT:

  • We will talk positively about the University and each other.
  • We will keep the big picture in mind and put the University first.
  • We will treat each other with courtesy, civility, cordiality, and respect in all our relations.
  • We will strive to solve problems through a planned, coordinated team approach and lend assistance across unit lines.
  • We will be mindful that we are using technology to solve educational problems, not using technology for its own sake.
  • We will be aware at all times that we are one organization working together to achieve shared institutional goals.
  • We will not oppose change merely out of habit. We will approach change as a way to find better solutions to problems.
  • We will strive to make it easy for our clients to understand and use our services
  • We will own responsibility for client problems.
  • We will respect the confidentiality, security, and privacy of others.
  • We will communicate about problems and differences in a timely, clear, and cordial manner, in search of constructive solutions to those problems.