Project Management Office

Request A New Project

IRT Project Management Office offers a project in-take process to capture, evaluate and prioritize all proposed ideas for projects, products and services. A new project may be submitted at any time.

Flowchart describing the steps of a Project Lifecycle

Criteria for Submitting a Project

Eligible projects:

  • Create a unique product, service or result.
  • Comply with relevant laws, policies and regulations.
  • Are temporary in nature, with a fixed starting and ending point.

Refer to our process for establishing eligibility and priority ior further details.

Guidelines for determining project size:

Small Medium Large X-Large
Resource Hours >10 hours >320 hours >480 hours >640 hours
Project Team Size (FTE) 1-2 people 3-6 people 6+ people 10+ people
Timeframe Flexible Schedule Flexible Schedule Variations Variations
Complexity Problem is easily understood, solution is achievable Problem/solution are understood Problem is difficult to understand/solution is unclear. Requires cross-divisional integration and collaboration Problem and solution is difficult to define and achieve. Requires cross-divisional integration and collaboration.
Strategic Importance Internal interest only Direct impact to low-medium priority initiatives Direct impact to medium to high priority initiatives Campus-wide impact and relates to key strategic initiatives
Level of Change Impact in single area of one division/college Impact single area or number of areas involving wwo or more divisions/colleges Impact to number of areas across all divisions/colleges Campus-wide impact across all divisions/colleges
Dependencies & Inter-related Projects No major dependencies Some low-risk dependencies Some high-risk dependencies Major high-risk dependencies