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Solve problems, gain insights, and make complex data come alive! JMP Pro’s powerful statistical modeling tools are your go-to for data analysis, statistical discovery, predictive modeling, and cross-validation research.

  • Complex data meets user-friendly interface. Easy-to-use statistical instruments deliver what you need to analyze data. No programming or with too many choices to overwhelm you.
  • Solve problem with predictive, comparative, and cross-validation modeling. Build and validate models more effectively, even with challenging data. Experiments can be designed to help find defects quickly. JMP Pro is always adding new modeling techniques to overcome evolving challenges.
  • Visualize — and share — big data. Transform complex data sets into shareable 3D plots, animated graphs, and interactive reports.
  • JMP Pro is available via a three step process:
    1. Download and install software
    2. Right click License Data File and "save link as" to desktop. 
    3. Once JMP Pro software is open you will be prompted to locate the Licence Data File to activate