File Storage

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When it comes to file storage, you have options! Today’s on-demand world is best served by the cloud, where you can securely store, share and collaborate with your files with Office 365 OneDrive, or you can store files on traditional campus drives.

  • Work your way. Quickly and securely share files on or off-campus using Office 365’s OneDrive cloud storage.
  • Edit and collaborate on files in real time. With just a web browser, edit your Microsoft Office files and save seamlessly to the cloud.
  • Get access to files quickly and with confidence. Access your files from the cloud using the web and your login credentials, or campus storage drives using Virtual Desktop.
  • Space to store and share. How much can a single terabyte hold? Try millions of documents, hundreds of thousands of photos, or tens of thousands of hours of music!
OneDrive Storage Campus Storage
Off-campus Access Web Virtual Desktop or VPN
Integration with Office 365 X
Storage 1 TB 10 GB
File recovery 90 Days 12 Months
Drag-and-drop file upload X
Create and share folders X X