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MATLAB is an industry standard software for science, engineering and math. It unlocks the potential of big data – allowing you to code and arrange data and algorithms visually, rather than on a traditional spreadsheet.

  • Free Download from MATLAB Portal! All Sacramento State faculty, staff and students can download MATLAB, Simulink, and more than 75 add-on toolboxes and products for free. Use your SacLink email to create an account on the MATLAB Portal, and download it to your desktop.
  • Data Visualization Enhances Learning. With the increased reliance on metrics and data-storytelling from the classroom to the conference room, MATLAB is a great resource for transforming numbers on a page. Visualizing data in a meaningful way is among the most-requested skillsets of prospective employers in the technology, science, engineering, and math fields.
  • Self-service resources. MATLAB provides the MATLAB Academy for DIY'ers.
Jonathan Rosenberg, former Google SVP/Product Management:
“If you want to work at Google, make sure you can use MATLAB.”