Virtual Desktop

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Connect to campus 24/7! Whether you’re a Sac State student, faculty or staff member, you can access your Sac State files, software or applications remotely with Virtual Desktop. Virtual Desktop can be used on your University-owned or personal device – you just need a Citrix Receiver and an internet connection.

  • Connect to campus 24/7.  Virtual Desktop is available 24/7, so you can work on-campus or remotely and securely access your work files.
  • Works on your work and personal devices. Work device at work? No problem – just download the Citrix Receiver to your personal device and enjoy the same access.
  • Custom desktop environments. Whether you’re faculty, staff or a student, your desktop environment includes the applications you need already pre-loaded.
  • Access stored files. You can access files stored on your local machine as well as all the Sac State drives you have access to (like the N: drive, P: drive, or U: drive).