Miller Shares “Prophetic IT” Vision with Industry Leaders


Technology changes on a dime. Is there even time to reframe the role of information technology in the public and private sector – or most importantly, to those you serve?

Christine Miller, VP & CIO (interim)

Dr. Christine E. Miller, interim Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer), tackled this topic in her keynote address at the 2017 INTERFACE Technology Conference. The INTERFACE Conference series, hosted at venues throughout the nation, drew several hundred attendees at the Sacramento Convention Center on February 15, 2017. The conference brought together a diverse group of regional technology stewards, decision-makers, and practitioners to a one-day learning and networking exchange. Seminars, case studies, and exhibits showcase solutions for technology challenges and relates them to help meet strategic and organizational goals for a variety of industries.

Miller’s keynote “To Reboot and Disrupt: Re-framing the Role of Information Technology and Reinventing Yourself” shared personal insights, industry trends, and successes, and how as interim CIO at Sacramento State she believes that “Prophetic IT” is the future of technology leadership. Prophetic IT, a term she has coined, is “The intersection of technical expertise and superior soft skills; it involves debunking stereotypes, getting strategic about communications and marketing, and developing new competencies. It also recognizes that doing good work isn’t enough.” Miller breaks it down further: 

“I believe that the softer side of IT represents a high-impact opportunity for many IT organizations. If we consistently provide excellent service to our faculty, staff, and students, we will create positive perceptions and experiences. We have a high-performing team, and we can demonstrate value to our faculty, staff, and students by removing barriers to solutions. Increasing transparency, communicating proactively, and reducing complexity are essential. We need to be very clear about the resources and services we offer, and make it easy for the Hornet family to use the resources, services, and content we provide. Technology helps achieve strategic goals, and our mission is to be Sac State's trusted campus partner for innovative solutions, service and support.”

This philosophy is visible in the new IRT #techcentral, which integrates formerly separate units of the IRT Service Desk, Technology Learning Center, and Student Technology Center into a single collaborative service space to serve the Hornet Family. Together, these units deliver service, training and support for campus technology and tech learning needs in AIRC 2005.

A new Innovation Station was also recently added, where campus members can try out emerging technologies or test specific programs – such as the Next-Generation Learning Management System contenders – and have questions answered by the service team on the spot.

Christine has or will represent Sacramento State and technology leadership at the following events: 

Published: 04/18/17