CALSPEAKS Opinion Research

California Speaks Opinion Research (CALSPEAKS) is a unique and ongoing investigation of public opinion in California, emphasizing the social, economic, political, and environmental issues that distinguish our state.

The centerpiece of CALSPEAKS is the large and representative CALSPEAKS Survey Panel, which uses probability-based sampling methods to monitor citizens’ perspectives online. Similar panels have emerged to catalogue national points of view (from GfK, NORC, RAND, Gallup, and Pew, to name a few), but CALSPEAKS is distinctive in its California focus.

Blending scientific rigor with a commitment to making public policy more informed and responsive, CALSPEAKS enables researchers to rigorously capture what Californians think -- more quickly and cost-effectively than any other survey or focus group in the state can achieve.

Whether seeking a quick snapshot of citizens’ views regarding pressing issues of the day, chronicling changes in opinion over time, conducting experiments to pinpoint cause-and-effect, or facilitating democratic deliberation in contemporary contexts, the nonpartisan and nonprofit CALSPEAKS offers unmatched opportunities for hearing – and really understanding – the voices of Californians.

Your Voice Counts. Make it Heard.


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