Camp Adventure contracts with military installations worldwide to provide summer camp programs, as well as child development and aquatics programs in the U.S., Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea, Singapore, Greece, Japan


This program has many programs including fall, winter, spring and summer internships. The length of the program ranges from 4 to 17 weeks depending on the term. There are many benefits to becoming a part of this program: experience working with children, gaining overseas experience 12 upperdivision elective college units, resume builder, paid airfare, housing, and living stipend, and meeting different college students from around the United States


There are a few requirements, such as citizenship, minimum of 2.5 GPA, about 100 hours of experience working with children (not nannying or babysitting), cost of uniform, course materials, liability insurance, tuition, and other requirements if necessary. 


If you are interested in becoming involved, please email!


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