Frequently Asked Questions from Prospective Students


Academic Advising Questions

Besides teaching, what can I do with a Liberal Studies degree?
The major is excellent preparation for careers in public service, business, management, counseling, law, psychology, librarianship, medicine, and professional or graduate school. We have information on graduate school programs and resources as well as job search engines and resources. Come on into our office and we'll help you get the resources you need!


Should I be a Liberal Studies major if I want to teach only at the high school level?
No, it's best for you to major in the subject you want to teach in high school. Once you recieve your Bachelor's degree in the major you studied, you will then go into a single subject teaching credential program


Do I have to complete General Education requirements in addition to the Liberal Studies tradtional and non-traditional major requirements?
No, Sacramento State's General Education requirements are incorporated into the Liberal Studies traditional and non-traditional programs. Separate graduation requirements include the Writing Intensive (WI) course and foreign language requirement


Do I have to major in Liberal Studies to become an elementary and/or special education teacher?
No, a student must have a bachelor's degree (any major) and must also demonstrate subject matter competency in multiple subjects by taking the multiple subject CA Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET). However, if you major in the Liberal Studies traditional route, you will receive a Subject Matter Program Completion Verification form so you are exempt from taking the CSET exam!
Once a student receives their Bachelor's degree, the student applies to a CA multiple subject or special education credential program. Once the student has completed the CA mulitple subject or special education credential program, the student is now authorized to teach elementary to special education
I want to teach elementary and middle school students, is Liberal Studies the right major for me?
Yes, because you can concentrate in a specific area (Art, Music, Math, Natural Science, etc.) or you can get a minor while Liberal Studies is your major. If there's a specific area you would like to teach (Art, Music, Math, Science, etc.), as long as you have 32 units in a specific area you will receive an Introductory Subject Matter Authorization (ISMA) so you can teach classes in that area in middle school
What's the difference between a minor and concentration?
A concentration is a mini minor, a cluster of course within a subject matter. To complete a minor, a student must complete 9-15 units (depending on the concentration). A minor focuses on a specific discipline but in more depth. In order for the minor to be shown on the transcript 18-21 units (depending on the minor) must be completed. A concentration is not notated on transcript
What concentrations can I choose from in the traditional Liberal Studies program? Can I do a minor instead?
Students can choose from 14 different concentrations. A concentration is a 12 unit area of focus in which the student will develop knowledge in a discipline of special interest. Concentrations are linguistics and composition, literature, mathematics, natural science, world history, US history, American studies, California studies, multicultural studies, art, theatre, music, physical education, and human development. Students can choose to minor instead of a concentration, however a minor is a pattern of courses similar to the major, but less comprehensive. Units for the minor varies, but most minors require 18 - 21 units. A minor is posted on the official transcript, not on the diploma
I would like to meet with an advisor during the summer or winter intersession, can I schedule an appointment?
Yes, during the summer our Lead Advisor, Kristen Anderegg, can help our students. Email her and she will schedule time to meet with you, her email is If you are not available to come in for in person advising during the summer or winter intersession, and are not a current student at Sacramento State, email her your questions along with unofficial transcripts from all of the community colleges and universities you have attended and she can advise you over email
However, if you have been admitted to the University and are an incoming student in the fall or spring, it is best for you to wait until you come to scheduled Orientation date because you will receive major advising then


Is there a blended program where I can get my Bachelor's degree and teaching credential in a certain number of years at SacState?
No, not at this time
How soon during the semester can I come in for advising?
Orientation occurs only once prior to first year students and transfer students starting their semester at SacState. However, all Liberal Studies students are told during Orientation to come in at least once for advising as soon as the semester begins! All Liberal Studies students have to come in for advising once a semester until they graduate. Our office puts registrations holds on all students that have not come in for advising after the fourth week of instruction
I took 3 years of a language course in high school, but it has been years since I have practiced or been in that class. Will that be a problem?
No, students at Sacramento State need 3 years of the same language (either taken high school and/or community college) to meet graduation requirements. It does not matter how recent those courses were taken


I am looking to transfer to SacState as a Liberal Studies major, is there a GPA requirement to get into the Liberal Studies program and/or to receive the CSET waiver after I finish my Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies?
Our Liberal Studies program admission GPA requirement is a 2.0, same as the University GPA requirement. All Liberal Studies students must go through our traditional route and maintain a 2.0 in all Liberal Studies courses to receive the CSET waiver



Is there a Liberal Studies club/student organization?
No. Students are encouraged to join and get involved with various student organizations based on your interests. For a complete list of student organizations,, for more informations. Some students will join the Sacramento State Student California Teachers Association (SCTA)


Orientation Questions


I am a transfer/first year student and I cannot come to my designated Liberal Studies orientation, what do I do?
Contact the Orientation Office,, and email our lead advisor Kristen Anderegg,, about your situation so they can further assist you
Currently I am signed up to attend orientation for Liberal Studies majors, but I want to switch to another major, how do I switch my Orientation date to the major I want?
Contact the Orientation Office,, and they can help get in the proper major advising when you come in for Orientation

SacState Credential Program Questions

What is the GPA requirement to get into SacState's teaching credential?
SacState's teaching credential's minimum GPA requirement is 2.67. For further questions about their program, you can visit their office in Eureka Hall 401, call them at (916) 278 - 4567, or visit their website here
What is SacState Teaching Credentials' phone number? Where are they located?
Their office number is (916) 278-6639, and they are located in Eureka Hall 401. Visit their website for more information here