3D Printing

In 2015, the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at CSUS purchased a 3D printer using funds from a CSU Chancellor’s Promising Practices Grant. The original goal was to create manipulatives for classroom demonstrations in Calculus II/III. However. It has also been used to make cool math and non-math stuff.

Bottle made with 3d printer

3d printer

lobster made with 3d printer

3d printer, Lulzbot-miniThe LulzBot Mini printer is located in BRH 125 for staff and faculty use. While a variety of materials may be used, it is currently setup to use either ABS or PLA filaments. A complete description of the materials that may be used is listed here.

For questions related to 3D printing, or to schedule a consultation with a 3D printing specialist, please contact Prof. Zeigler by email.