ALEKS PPL Math Placement Assessment

The ALEKS Placement, Preparation, and Learning (ALEKS PPL) mathematics assessment is an online, adaptive system that covers a broad spectrum of mathematics topics.  For more information visit the Department's ALEKS Information  website.

Mathematics assessment and placement is completed in the following series of steps.

Activate Your ALEKS PPL Account

 An active SacLink account is required to create an ALEKS PPL sign-in. 

To activate your account and access ALEKS PPL, click on the link below.  After completing a questionnaire and short tutorial, you must take an un-proctored assessment.  The score for the un-proctored assessment is not used for placement.


Counselor Tip:  Take the un-proctored assesmsent seriously!  Give yourself 2 hours to finish it and do not use outside resources.  Just do the best you can on your own.  The program will adjust to your level of mastery.  This determines the Preparation and Learning Module you will be able to choose prior to taking a proctored assessment.


 After the un-proctored assessment is complete, ALEKS PPL will suggest a Preparation and Learning Module.  You must complete 3 hours of work in the Preparation and Learning Module before you are able to take a proctored assessment.

The recommended modules are:

Course Recommended Module
Math 10, Math 12 Prep for Intermediate Algebra
Math 107A, Math 24, Math 17, Stat 1 Prep for College Algebra
Math 26A, Math 29, Math 29A Prep for PreCalculus
Math 30 Prep for Calculus

Take a proctored assessment

A proctored assessment is one where an official proctor verifies your identity (with a photo I.D.), provides the password needed to open the assessment, and keeps watch over you while you complete the assessment.  A password is required to start a proctored assessment.  The assessment password will be provided by the proctor.

Only proctored assessment scores will be used for course placement.

You are able to complete up to 4 proctored assessments provided that

  • At least 48 hours has passed between assessments.
  • At least 3 hours of work are completed in the Preparation and Learning Module.

For information on upcoming assessments click on the link below.

Upcoming Proctored Assessments at Sacramento State

Students unable to attend one of the Department's proctored assessments may arrange an off-site proctored assessment.

Off Campus ALEKS PPL Proctoring


Off Campus Proctored Assessments

Students unable to attend one of the Department's proctored assessments may arrange an off-site proctored assessment. 

Off Campus ALEKS PPL Proctoring

Placement Coordinator

Placement Assessments are coordinated by Prof. Barbara Morris.  If you have questions about ALEKS PPL assessments please contact her.  She is available during the semester in the Math Lab and by email.

Math Lab: BRH 118

ALEKS Accessibility and Testing Accommodations

If you have testing accommodations, do NOT register for ALEKS PPL

First get your accessibility/testing accommodations approved by Sacramento State's Office of Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD).

If you are requesting disability related accommodation for the assessment, click here for the application form and directions.  Please note this process can take some time.  Accommodations must be approved before registering for ALEKS PPL.

Contact Information:

Office of Services to Students with Diabilities (SSWD)
Main SSWD Office: Lassen Hall, Room 1008 (first floor)
Phone: (916) 278-6955

When your accomodations have been approved, contact Prof. Barbara Morris for instructions on how to register for the SSWD ALEKS PPL cohort.  She can be reached at