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School of Music


Available Schedules

May 2019 Juries/Auditions

Times are approximate only. Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of your requested start time to verify schedule.

Jury/Audition Schedules

Ready for your jury or audition? Schedules are posted to the right.

Prospective students, please remember to print copies of your audition application as instructed in the email from the School of Music. **Please contact Mark Allen if you have not received your formatted audition application and an audition time. (If you have not yet signed up for an entrance audition, visit the main page)

Continuing students, please take your completed jury form to your jury. Woodwinds take six (6) copies, all others take four (4). Changes, deletions or additions to the posted schedules must be made through your Area Coordinator. Area Coordinators are as follows:
  • Brass: Julian Dixon | Email
  • Voice: Dr. Robin Fisher | Email
  • Woodwinds: Laurel Zucker | Email
  • Piano: Richard Cionco | Email
  • Jazz: Dr. Steve Roach | Email
  • Strings: Anna Presler | Email